My Kitchen Rules

MKR’s Olga and Valeria tell: "We don’t like anyone"

The Russians aren't here to make friends.

By TV Week team
When it comes to being My Kitchen Rules champions, fiery Russians Olga and Valeria will do almost anything to get the title – even if it means stabbing their fellow contestants in the back.
"I am not afraid," Olga says.
The 33-year-old adds she loves being in the spotlight.
"I'm strategic and calculating," she admits. "We [she and teammate Valeria] are both show-makers."
Meanwhile, Valeria admits she's also out for the crown and doesn't like any of her competitors.
"I don't really like them," the 26-year-old freelance photographer reveals.
"I have several sides to my agenda. I enjoy the mind games and drama –sugar-coating is something people should do less of – it's a waste of time."

While Olga and Valeria may be unapologetically honest in their opinions, their competitors don't think they're malicious in their critiques.
"Olga and Valeria aren't really as bad as they're made out to be," cavalry officer Matt, 26, says.
Matt and Aly were eliminated after facing off against Josh and Nic in an elimination round, but spent time off screen with the Russians.
"They made me laugh more than anyone else," he says. "They had a high standard, but they stuck to their guns."

Truffle farmer and everyone's dream bestie, Anna agrees, "They call a spade a spade."
"The first time I saw them critiquing a meal, I was overwhelmed," the 24-year-old admits. "They're honest, but they're in no way nasty."
While they may not like the other MKR competitors, Olga concedes they were amicable.
"We pretty much got along with everyone," Olga says. "We didn't clash with anyone to the point that we were feuding. We were true to ourselves."

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