My Kitchen Rules

MKR's Jess and Emma reveal Hadil apologised after being kicked off the show

The sisters lift the lid on the fallout from MKR’s most controversial moment.

By Thomas Mitchell
It was the exit that shocked the nation. Feisty and fiery duo Sonya and Hadil were told to leave My Kitchen Rules following an ugly argument with Sydney sisters Jess and Emma.
After the Jordanian best friends threatened fellow competitors, judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, as well as the producers, removed the pair from the show.
Now, the siblings tell their side of the story, and reveal how they became friendly with one of their former rivals.
"We did nothing to deserve what happened – and we're still in the competition for a reason," Emma, 38, says following the other team's departure.
"It was unprovoked on our part."
Sonia and Hadil moments before they were forced to leave the table.
Since the dramatic exit, Sonya and Hadil have gone into hiding, refusing interviews and keeping low profiles.
"They're embarrassed for what they've done – we feel sorry for them," Emma says.
"It was their actions that created their situation."
The NSW besties did, however, take one last shot at their haters before bunkering down. The team slammed viewers in a scathing social media post in the lead-up to the epic showdown.
"Only a complete fool makes accusations based on what another person has told them," their statement reads.
"Don't assume everything you hear to be true, and never accuse without knowing all the facts or both sides of the story."
Sisters Jess (left) and Emma were glad to see the back of their rivals.
Meanwhile, Jess and Emma reveal that following the altercation, they have made amends with Hadil.
"We've since spoken to Hadil, and she was remorseful for what happened," Jess, 31, explains. "She's apologised."
But they say Sonya has so far failed to reach out.
"We were closer with Hadil to start with on the show, but not so much with Sonya," Jess admits.
The siblings have also come forward with an apology of their own.
"We want to apologise for our part in the drama that unfolded," they say in a heartfelt Instagram post.
"We don't wish to add anymore to the situation and certainly will not play the victim card."

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