My Kitchen Rules

MKR’s Jess and Emma tell: "We feared for our safety!"

Sonya and Hadil ramp up their attacks on Jess and Emma as one team is forced off My Kitchen Rules.

It's been a long time coming. But Sydney sisters Jess and Emma's feud with Jordanian besties Sonya and Hadil finally comes to a head.
During the super dinner party rounds, the rival teams constantly clashed. From slinging insults across the table to Sonya and Hadil questioning whether Jess and Emma belong in the competition, the drama ramped up in the past few weeks.
"The fact that they're here is an insult to anyone that can cook," Hadil says.
It even gets personal between the two pairs.
"You look like Bubba Gump," Emma tells Sonya.
Hadil retorts: "I've got a really good doctor you can go to that could fix your ugly face."
The Sydney sisters were shocked by their rivals' behaviour.
But this week on My Kitchen Rules, Sonya and Hadil start to threaten fellow competitors. It culminates in an ugly slagging match, with the two friends laying into the group.
"Everyone at the table was threatened by them," Emma, 38, recalls. "Sonya said to people, 'I'm coming for you.'"
The vitriol was so bad, Jess says she was genuinely concerned for her and Emma's safety.
"We wouldn't go to their restaurant after what happened," the 31-year-old declares.
"There was no way we could have walked into their home once it got to a level where we feared for our safety."
Emma is concerned for her and the other teams, but will it be Sonya and Hadil who actually go?
The clash reaches fever-pitch and eventually results in one team being forced to leave the competition.
"Stella and Jazzey [best friends from WA] are only in their early twenties, and they were really shaken up by the whole thing," Jess reveals.
"Plus, [Tasmanian siblings] Henry and Anna are two of the nicest people in the competition, and it affected them too."
Even the judges were affected by the negativity.
"This was just taking it too far," Manu Feildel tells TV WEEK.
"It wasn't healthy, and it wasn't nice."
Will the Sydney sisters say goodbye when it all gets too much, or have Sonya and Hadil finally gone too far?
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