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My Kitchen Rules stars Stacey and Ash Keillah welcome a gorgeous baby boy

Congratulations guys!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Popular My Kitchen Rules alumni couple Stacey and Ash Kelliah have welcomed their first child together, a baby boy.
The loved-up duo announced the happy news on Instagram with a sweet new video, which you can watch in the player above, and an adorable photo of their family's new addition.
"JAIYA ACE KEILLAH // Born 20.03.20 at 6.19pm. Weighing 3.4kgs," Stacey wrote on Instagram.
"He's everything we could have ever asked for and so much more...in love doesn't even begin to cover it ✨"
While Ash shared a message of his own, alongside that lovely video.
"Jaiya Ace Keillah is here 🦁," he wrote.
"Popped out to see us at 6.19pm on Friday the 20th of March and we couldn't be more happy!!!"
Meet Jaiya Ace Keillah. Image: Instagram
The loved-up couple got married last year. Image: Instagram
The duo posing during a pregnancy photoshoot on the beach. Image: Instagram
Ash and Stacey first met six years ago when they slid into each other's Instagram DMs, but were strictly friends for about five years, before anything romantic transpired.
"We were 'friends' because I had a giant beard and so she kept me in the friend zone," Ash told Husskie in 2018.
"We had a little date. I was living overseas at the time and we caught up for a coffee – it wasn't even a date, it was a catch-up. I was meant to be moving back overseas the next week and I got a call to say my job had fallen through and I was like: 'Guess what, I'm staying,' and she was like 'Guess what, I'm going to Melbourne for the week,' and I was like 'Guess what, I'm coming down.'"
The couple took their relationship to the next level last year, when Ash proposed to Stacey at Rae's on Wategos in Byron Bay, the luxury resort where the pair had one of their first dates, and just a few months later in September, they officially tied the knot in a gorgeous Byron Bay wedding ceremony.
The couple pictured together just moments after they got engaged. Image: Instagram
The duo during their time on MKR. Image: Channel Seven
Ash wears an eye patch after having his eye removed almost 10 years ago. Image: Instagram
Ash wears an eye patch on one eye, after it was irreversibly damaged during a fight he tried to break up more than a decade ago.
"The patch has definitely become part of my identity and it started from something kind of tragic," Ash told Now To Love in 2019.
Ten years ago, Ash was at a party when two men started fighting.
While Ash wasn't involved in the fight, he tried to break up the argument by pushing the offenders apart and calming the situation down.
But unfortunately, someone threw a glass at one of the people involved in the fight, and the glass inadvertently hit Ash, permanently damaging his eye.
"After the injury, I had an operation to re-attach the retina and that didn't stick and then they gave me another operation to re-attach the retina and that wasn't working either," Ash explained.
"So the doctors were telling me I can get a bunch more operations, which could take a couple of years and I'd have a chance of getting my eye sight back or get my eye removed, and I could be back in the water in a few months and pain-free."
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But rather than waiting, he instead decided to have his eye removed.
"I didn't want to drag it out any more. I didn't want to go from operation to operation and honestly just wanted to get back in the water and get over it," he said.
Though there were a few people, including doctors, who questioned his decision to remove his eye, Ash has never looked back (pun intended).
"I couldn't get that operation done faster!"
"It showed me in a way that I can get through anything, you know, and I like the idea of being there for other people that are struggling and have gone through a lot of bad stuff to come out positive and happy and putting that example to everybody else. I kept sort of believing it until it was happening I guess."

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