My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules: Lesley confronts controversial brothers Josh and Austin

“I’m asking you a straight question”

By TV Week team
Flight attendant and downright legend Lesley has taken it upon herself to confront the 'dinner party terrorists' Josh and Austin on My Kitchen Rules.
Tension began on night one of the cooking competition, with Josh and Austin believing Ibby and Romel were hiding something. It turned out the brother duo were correct and that Ibby was not a nurse as he first said, but a restaurateur.
Ibby and Romel say they lied because they were worried the other teams might think they were secretly professional chefs. And that's exactly what they got when the truth was revealed, with Josh and Austin bringing it up at every single dinner party since.
It's been Ibby and Romel vs. Josh and Austin since day one.
It turns out, however, that sometimes persistence is NOT key, as the other contestants have grown tired of the continued negativity from Josh and Austin. In tonight's episode they were put in their place by Lesley.
Lesley – the glamorous woman I think we all want to be when we grow up – decided to ask the question many fans have been left wondering after a week of repetitive dinner party conversation.
"My question to you gentlemen is that you think Ibby and Romel are hiding something," Lesley began. "They are your words, they're not our words. Let's get past the fact that you think that. What do you want to happen? I'm asking you a straight question."
"Austin and I have an understanding of what we think is allowed in the competition," Josh began.
"I've gotten to that point, I understand that point. I want to know what you want to happen?" Lesly cut over Josh.
Unsure how to answer Lesley, the boys remained silent.
Josh and Austin didn't give Lesley a straight answer.
"Are you guys more worried cos you haven't cooked yet?" asked Ash.
Josh and Austin had plenty to say when asked THAT question, wasting no time in telling Ash they are confident cooks in the kitchen. And, like that, Josh avoided answering Lesley's spot-on questioning.
After all, what are they hoping to achieve with their constant badgering? Do they want Ibby and Romel booted from the competition? Are they just enjoying stirring the pot? As of now, their motive remains unclear.
As Blake put it "I don't think Josh and Austin even know what they want to happen."
Maybe we'll find out more when the boys take to the kitchen in next week's episodes of My Kitchen Rules.

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