My Kitchen Rules

MKR’s Lauren reveals how her boyfriend handled her bombshell news that she’d kissed fellow contestant Ben

''I was distraught off camera.''

By Maddison Hockey
The shock revelation of Ben and Lauren's secret pash and subsequent love triangle with Roula, sent the MKR table into meltdown on Monday night.
But there was one detail that may have caught fans by surprise, when Lauren revealed that she actually has a boyfriend.
It turns out this MKR love triangle is, in fact, a square.
Lauren immediately denied kissing Ben. Channel Seven
The 35-year-old contestant, originally from New Zealand, has confirmed she was in a relationship at the time she kissed Ben.
"We had only been together for a few months," Lauren tells TV WEEK.
"I told him straight away what had happened."

On camera, Laura said her partner took the news surprisingly well.
She told her fellow contestants: "He was really supportive, understanding and lovely, which I'll forever be grateful for."
But off-camera, things didn't go as smoothly.
"It definitely affected my time on the show. I was pretty distraught off camera," Lauren recalls to TV WEEK.
"He definitely got me through that."
Lauren also revealed that she and boyfriend have split since filming the reality show.
"Unfortunately, we've parted ways since for different reasons."
WATCH BELOW: Inside MKR's very first love triangle. Story continues after video.
While the House Colin contestant admits she made mistakes in the way she handled the situation – specifically, denying the accusation she kissed Ben – she also says she's only human.
"In hindsight I wish I had just admitted it," Lauren said.
"I know it was wrong but it's just one of those things that happens. I feel like everyone has done something like this in the past but unfortunately for me it's on national TV."
Meanwhile the man at the (broken) heart of it all, Ben, reveals he didn't know Lauren had a boyfriend at the time of their kiss.
"I didn't know about it," he says.
"That poor guy, but they'd only been together for a few months so I guess it summed up what the relationship was meant to be."

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