My Kitchen Rules

MKR's Jazzey tells: "There's absolutely nothing between me and Henry!"

And she reveals she struggled with some parts of the competition.

By Thomas Mitchell
The latest drama-filled season of My Kitchen Rules, with shock walkouts and bitter feuds, has sometimes proved overwhelming for Perth waitress Jazzey.
"My Kitchen Rules was honestly the best and worst thing I've ever done in my life," she tells TV WEEK.
As to why the experience was so difficult, Jazzey, 21, admits being part of the hit cooking show took a toll on her physically and financially.
"I got fat, I was broke and I couldn't talk to anyone at home for months," she says.
"I was in tears recently in wardrobe because we had a fitting for new clothes and I had to go up a dress size."
The girls talk judge Colin Fassnidge through the action.
While Jazzey wouldn't confirm how much weight she'd put on during the show, she concedes it became obvious as filming progressed.
"I've put on weight for sure," she says.
"I can see it in my face. It's hard, because you're eating delicious food all the time."
Jazzey's on-screen partner, Stella, echoes her thoughts.
"I felt the same," the 21-year-old says.
"It's hard to stay healthy during production. You're eating so much food and aren't really able to get out and be active."
Stella (left) is proud of what they've achieved.
To make matters worse for Jazzey, it seems her romance with Tasmanian truffle hunk Henry – one half of one of the rival teams – is over.
The pair were rumoured to be an item on set, but Jazzey says they no longer have a relationship.
"There's absolutely nothing with me and Henry in any way, shape or form," she declares. "Nothing at all."
Jazzey's ex flame Henry Terry.
Despite Jazzey nursing a broken heart and feeling out of shape, there's one person who's still blown away by her MKR achievements.
"I'm consistently impressed by Jazzey," best friend Stella enthuses. "She's amazing."
The waitress says her pal was good at maintaining her focus – and keeping her focused as well.
"She motivated me to keep going," Stella smiles. "And that really helped keep us in the competition."

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