My Kitchen Rules

MKR’s Henry on THAT cheating scandal, his relationship status and whether we’ll see him on TV again

He made it to the My Kitchen Rules finals, and now the hunky Tasmanian farmer reveals what’s next.

This season of My Kitchen Rules hasn't been with controversy. Sonya and Hadil became the first team in the show's history to be kicked off by a judge and just last night, a cheating scandal rocked the competition.
Or did it?
Eliminated contestant Henry Terry says the actions of the rival team were well within the rules of MKR.
"I wouldn't call it cheating at all, to be honest," he tells The Daily Telegraph.
The episode saw Olga and Valeria, dubbed "The Russians" throughout their time on the show, resort to barbecuing their failed duck dish in a Roasting Challenge.
"I think they made the best of a bad situation," Henry adds. "Olga and Valeria are wonderful people and have really high integrity and would never cheat."

The same challenge sent Henry and sister Anna packing. But it may not be the last time we see the Tasmanian hunk on our screens.
"I had a blast on MKR, it's been such a great time and such a learning experience," the 26-year-old says.
"I suppose if anything else were to come up, I'd certainly give it some thought.
"But at the moment we're flat out trying to get [our truffle] farm back on track."

But busy times at the farm may not prove to be a problem for Henry's future TV career, though.
With his rumoured relationship with fellow contestant Jazzey over before it really began, Henry admits he is once again single and looking for love. And he hasn't ruled out appearing on another reality show to find it!
When asked if he would consider a stint as The Bachelor after Nick Cummins, Henry tells TV WEEK, "It's flattering that people want me to do it."
"I'm just not sure how I would go on a show like that – putting my love life out in public."
However, he adds he is "absolutely open to a relationship if the right girl comes along."

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