My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules' Ben, Roula and Lauren caught up in a shock love triangle

Ben confesses to secretly hooking up with Lauren.

By Maddison Hockey
Sparks have been flying across the instant restaurant tables of My Kitchen Rules, as the flirtation between Ben and Roula builds.
But the fairy-tale MKR romance is about to come crashing down this week, when Ben makes a shocking secret confession to Jake: he's been hooking up with Lauren!
As the flirtation between Ben and Roula builds, turns out Ben's been hooking up with Lauren! (Images: Channel Seven)
After receiving a love note from rival team member Roula last week, Ben decides to make a move and ask the Melbourne nanny on a proper date. It's no surprise Roula accepts.
"From the get-go Vasil and I got along with Roula and Rachael," Ben, 27, tells TV WEEK.
While their official outing goes ahead, Roula reveals she and Ben also went on a secret date off-camera.
"It was a lot more relaxed, a lot more fun," says Roula, 36.
"We both love Mexican, so he took me to a beautiful Mexican restaurant in Sydney, we had a few margaritas and a dance, it was really sweet."
Ben and Roula may be getting on well... (Image: Channel Seven)
...but she doesn't know about Lauren! (Image: Channel Seven)
The returning favourite admits it's easy getting caught up in the drama and romance of the show while being cut-off from everyday life.
"When you're in that bubble, this is your world, this is your life, you're just part of this circle, your feelings start to evolve," Roula explains.
Ben, on the other hand, is more guarded in his emotions.
"It takes me a while to progress feelings," he reveals, "But we [Roula and I] were giving it a good nudge and seeing what could happen from it."
WATCH BELOW: My Kitchen Rules' first love triangle. Post continues after video...
When the couple return from their romantic venture and head into the next instant restaurant, Jake pulls Ben aside to see how it went.
But the Melbourne bar manager is more interested in talking about another contestant – Lauren.
Away from prying ears and eyes, Ben tells Jake that the previous night he fell to sleep on the couch with fellow House Colin team member, Lauren, before revealing they've kissed – more than once!
How will Roula react to the news?
How will Roula (left) react to the news? (Image: Channel Seven)

Elle shares her secret pain and the reason she's back

When season four grand finalist Elle was asked if she'd be a contestant on MKR: The Rivals, the mother-of-one believed it was perfect timing.
After a heartbreaking miscarriage and a business opportunity she chose to pass up, Elle leapt at the chance to return to the reality show to try to claim the title she and her brother Jake so narrowly missed.
"I really do believe in that if you're meant to do something the universe would put you there," Elle, 29, tells TV WEEK.
"All these little things started to play out and then we got asked to do the show. I had a miscarriage, decided not to go ahead with a business opportunity, and found an amazing manager to manage the shop. And, just like that, would you believe, I had no commitments."
Elle and brother Jake were the season four runners-up. (Image: Channel Seven)
While her miscarriage was understandably a cruel blow, Elle was determined to move forward.
"A lot of women go through this every single day, and it depends on what stage you have a miscarriage," Elle says.
"I just took it as: if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be."
Despite the setback, Elle admits she and partner Evander would "love more kids" to give three-year-old son Tino a sibling.
Elle, partner Evander and young Tino, now three. (Image: Instagrram @elleharrison)
Before then, however, Elle has turned her focus to a My Kitchen Rules redemption.
"There is a point where I had a bit of an identity crisis and thought how, for the last three years, I've been really worried about my family and providing for them and working and being a mum," Elle explains of her decision to return to the show.
"Maybe it's just the universe telling Jake and I that we have to give it another shot."

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