My Kitchen Rules

MKR love triangle: The shocking truth EXPOSED!

NW exclusively reveals what really happened!

By NW team
We aren't even halfway through this season of My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals and already there's some serious drama cooking up – after a shock love triangle was exposed!
It was love at first sight for contestants Roula Kfoury and Ben Key, who locked eyes instantly, with chemistry flying across the dinner table.
But after a few flirty exchanges and an on and off-screen date – their love story quickly fizzled out when Roula found out Ben was two-timing her with Lauren Matthews.
Roula confronts Ben and Lauren at the table.
Yep, Roula tells NW she's wiping her hands clean of him after finding out they "slept together."
"When I found out I just couldn't deal with it," Roula, 34, says.
"They got busted on the couch with a producer – and Lauren freaked out because she had a boyfriend."
Lauren immediately denies the accusation despite the proof!
To make matters worse - his fellow cast mate Romel Kouyan spills to NW he knew Ben was being sleezy!
"I was onto them straight away, he's a bit of a player that Ben."
But despite claims Ben was lying to Roula– he says he's nothing but innocent and it was just a peck and a cheeky flirt!
"Honestly it was just one snog after a day filming," he tells NW.
"I wasn't trying to play the field or anything! It was all just a bit of harmless fun!"

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