My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules' Alex and Emily reveal their wedding plans

‘We’re getting married!’

By Thomas Mitchell
They've made it into the final week in My Kitchen Rules. And now, Alex and Emily are already planning another big adventure – a walk down the aisle.
"We have made plans, but we're just riding this wave first," Alex, 35, says of the impending nuptials. "We want to see where MKR takes us and then, in six months, we'll make a decision [about marriage], which is exciting!"
A wedding is next on the menu for Alex and Emily.
Emily admits that surviving MKR together has made her even more sure Alex is the right man for her.
"I'm a stress-head and can get a little crazy," Emily, 27, admits. "But having Alex by my side has been amazing. He's supportive, calming and is wonderful under pressure.
"I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. It's really shown me this partnership is for life."
The pair previously told *TV WEEK* that the drama between other contestants made them tempted to leave.
"Honestly, it was a little bit uncomfortable," Emily says of the incredible tension between teams throughout the cooking competition.
"We weren't interested in the drama. Our careers and food dreams mean everything to us. We would never want to do something to jeopardise that."
Alex and Emily with MKR judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans.
Meanwhile, their success on the small screen has given the Gold Coast couple a taste for television, and they're keen to see where it might lead.
"Alex and I are really open to any opportunity that comes to us," Emily says. "We've definitely thought about what might be on the horizon.
"We'd love to have a show where we cook together. It's something we'd love to chat to the network about."
Alex is in full agreement.
"We're still going to pursue this dream," he says. "This [the show] has given us a taste for this career. We'd love to keep working in the media."

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