My Kitchen Rules

“I really don’t care what their excuse was!” Manu reveals the booted MKR contestants tried to apologise

But the judge says he doesn’t want a bar of it!

By Stephanie Marinkovic
The biggest scandal in My Kitchen Rules history comes to a head tonight as one team is removed from the cooking competition.
It's a first for the reality show and a long time coming. NSW besties Sonya and Hadil and rivals Jess and Emma have disrupted the competition with their ongoing personal feud that has escalated on more than one occasion.
And in tonight's episode, judge Manu Feildel decides enough is enough and asks two of the contestants to leave the table.
Defending his decision, Manu says the move was necessary to "save the show".
"We don't want to start something that might continue in the next series," he says.
Manu isn't interested in hearing the booted team's excuses.
He now reveals the team have since tried to apologise for their actions, but the furious judge is not interested in their excuses.
"I got a message on Facebook from one of the people apologising for this and that," he tells The Daily Telegraph.
"But it's their life and their reputation and it's not going to affect me the rest of my life.
"I really don't care what their excuse was because there's no excuse for this type of behaviour.
"I just hope we've sent a message to future contestants that that's not the type of contestants we want in the show. We want cooks; don't come for a catfight."
Will the decision take the competition, which is being slammed by viewers for encouraging bullying, in a new direction?
"I hope it's going to be a benchmark for future seasons and remind people why they should enter the competition: to show us you're the best cook in Australia – and that's it," Manu explains.
Jess and Emma can't wait for the upcoming episode to air.
Meanwhile, Jess and Emma, aren't backing down from any criticism that comes their way.
"We're just taking the fire," they tell TV WEEK. "But we know the truth and it will come out very soon."
Jess and Emma tell The Daily Telegraph that they're glad the highly-anticipated episode will finally air.
"It started really poorly for us because people got the wrong impression," Jess explains.
"People had this preconception of us which was crap because it ruined the experience straight off the bat for us [but] we're not the type of people that just go in and attack people personally."

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