My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules 2019: Meet the first ever ‘strangers’ to compete together

This has 'drama' written all over it...

By Tina Burke
My Kitchen Rules is a show that requires two very important things: cooking ability, and teamwork.
But what happens when you want to sign up for the reality cooking show without a partner? Well, apparently, they set you up with a total stranger.
For the 10th anniversary season of My Kitchen Rules, the show is trying something new by teaming up two obviously different women to compete together to win the $250,000 prize-money.
In a new clip, fans score their first look at the two ladies competing together and it's clear that they are polar opposites.
Sweet-natured Milly and strong-willed Karolina will meet for the very first time at the very first dinner party of the season – a recipe for drama, if you ask me.
The 10th anniversary season of My Kitchen Rules will introduce fans to a whole new collection of contestants to love.
So far, fans have also been introduced to mother and son duo Lisa and John from Western Australia, and New South Wales couple Stacey and Ash.
Both teams look to be serving up impressive food to the judges! Pete tells Lisa and John they've made it to the MKR Hall of Fame during their instant restaurant...
...while the judges look very impressed with Stacey and Ash's dishes.
Ash has already been dubbed the 'Pirate Chef' for the eye-patch he wears. The MKR contestant sadly lost his left eyeball after intervening in a fight at a party.
Despite the tragedy, Ash has nothing but a positive attitude and sunny smile to offer on the show:
It looks like the 10th anniversary season of My Kitchen Rules is shaping up to be a good one!

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