My Kitchen Rules

Jess and Emma are eliminated from My Kitchen Rules & they still have an axe to grind with Sonya and Hadil

There goes all the plot lines!

By Chloe Lal
After Sonya and Hadil dramatically left My Kitchen Rules we thought the chaos was over.
And then Suong landed in hospital and we all had a stress-induced belly ache as a result.
Now, we've felt another dagger - the ever salty Jess and Emma are officially eliminated from the My Kitchen Rules competition... And we're a little sad.

The booted girls landed on the bottom of the leaderboard and found themselves out of the kitchen for good.
But they have zero regrets and apparently no hard feelings towards their nemesis Sonya and Hadil... because they paid "the ultimate price" for their actions.
The NSW besties lost the chance to take home the $250,000 prize money after their insults towards the siblings went too far.
Jess told the Daily Telegraph, "Hadil really wanted to win the money for her kids."
"That upsets me more than anything; they're talented people who could have taken out the competition. I would have been really surprised if they didn't take the crown out."
"But the fact they walked away without that opportunity is punishment enough so I hope Australia goes easy on them."

Emma admits that she has no intention of holding a grudge, and has even tried to contact Hadil.
"We did reach out purely because we didn't known where any of (the nasty words) came from and we wanted to see if we could smooth that out before the ­episode came out," she said.
"We didn't want to hold a grudge. Realistically we have nothing to do with these ­people in real life any way so we preferred to clear the air."
The pair have since apologised for the behaviour on the show.
Emma found herself in the middle of all the drama when her lips were the target of the insults.
"At the end of the day, I got my lips done because I like it and I'm happy with it and my husband thinks I'm beautiful," she said.
Sister Jess, who is four months pregnant with her second baby, remarked that dealing with the rude comments was one of the toughest aspects from her TV experience.
"It's been particularly hard, especially when you have a di--head writing online, 'you've put on a bit of weight Jess'."
The Sydney sisters were shocked by their rivals' behaviour.
For Sonya's part, she's sorry for how everything has transpired.
Following her exit, in a heartfelt social media post, she pinned her actions on her childhood bullying hell but admits she didn't handle the situation well.
"Growing up, I was bullied for my race and my weight," she says.
"One memory in particular which I'll never forget was having the contents of my school bag tipped into a bin because of my background."
You can read the entire apology here.
We guess now MKR can return to being a cooking show?
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