Fans are certain they already know who has won MasterChef 2018

But are they right?

By Holly Royce
If you follow what fans are saying on social media, MasterChef 2018 has been rife with controversies.
During its 10th year, MasterChef fans have questioned at least four of the eliminations so far through Twitter, declaring that judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston have sent the wrong people home.
Things are hotting up as we approach the final, and everyone is feeling the tension.
Last night's episode saw Samira (the chef who didn't get along with Gordon Ramsay) sent home following a blind pressure test where she competed against fellow chefs, Ben and Jess.
The trio was tasked with making their dish solely from a review written by Matt Preston - which many felt left Samira at a disadvantage.
Samira moved from Azerbaijan in 2006, which means while her English is excellent, there were some suggestions that elements of comprehension may have been lost on someone who speaks English as a second language AND is under immense pressure.
Story continues after tweets

Could this be the winner of MasterChef 2018?

The reigning theory is that all the 'questionable eliminations' point to a winner having already been selected.
Despite his questionable invention test this week, fans seemed convinced that Kahn will take out the top spot on MasterChef 2018.
We don't believe the judges would compromise their own integrity, let alone the integrity of Australia's most popular reality TV cooking show by fixing a series and/or preselecting a winner.
If the chatter on social media proves anything, it's that devotees get incredibly passionate when it comes to defending their favourite contestants online.
We'll just have to keep watching to know for sure.