Behind-the-scenes of Prince Charles and Camilla crashing MasterChef Australia!

Step aside, George, Gary and Matt – the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are here to give out the aprons.

By Ellie McDonald
When the likes of Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay flew into Oz to show off their cooking skills for the small screen, we – along with the show's contestants – didn't think we could get any more starstruck. Well, that is until British Royalty hit the MasterChef Australia kitchen!
This week on MasterChef, the contestants will get to cook for 150 guests of Prince Charles' at the Royal Flying Doctor Service base in Darwin, Northern Territory.
Here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla enjoying Royals Week on MasterChef Australia!
After cooking for 150 guests of Prince Charles, the MasterChef judges were thrilled to be able to talk to His Royal Highness about local, sustainable food.
The Prince has been a longtime fan of fresh, sustainable produce.
Prince Charles enjoyed a laugh with Matt, Gary and George as they discussed food the contestants had prepared. Speaking to the MasterChef judges, Prince Charles was interested to hear how the contestants had been cooking throughout the evening.
Getting royally/famously in Darwin Harbour.
Catch-ups over canapes, His Royal Highness spent time at the cocktail party talking with local guests.
The Prince stopped by the MasterChef Darwin set during his tour of Australia earlier this year.
MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan spent time with the Duchess of Cornwall before the cocktail party, as she gave helpful insight into the best canapes, and what meals she and the Prince of Wales regularly cook at home.
Apparently the unknowing contestants woke up on the morning of their big cook to a video of Gary with Camilla, detailing the exciting challenge ahead of them.
Always time for a quick laugh on set and a hair and make up touch up under the sweltering Darwin sun. With temperatures above 30 degrees it was a warm welcome for the Prince of Wales from the MasterChef judges. After their meeting with the Prince, the judges said: "We were all struck by what a wonderful person he is."
Always suave, Matt, George and Gary.
As the sun set in Darwin over the cook site where contestants had prepared canapes for Prince Charles' guests, a stunning pink and purple sky marked the end of what had been a busy few hours.
This week is Royals Week on MasterChef Australia. Tune in on Wednesday, July 4 at 7:30pm to see the contestants cook for the future King of the Commonwealth!