Where to find MasterChef's Melissa Leong's stunning and affordable earrings to spruce up your jewellery collection

Your ears will be thanking Mel.

By Faye Couros
Watching MasterChef for the incredible food is why most people tune in, but Melissa Leong's outfits are another valid reason.
Her style is the perfect amalgamation of stylish and wearable, which makes her looks relatable and easy to aspire to because they are accessible.
However, for keen-eyed fashion fans, it isn't just Melissa's wardrobe that captures their attention rather her scene-stealing earrings.
During one of the first episodes of this season, Melissa made a hilarious comment to contestant Connor when she was paying him a compliment.
She told Conor that she liked his earring, which is not something she usually says to anyone that isn't her.
So it's easy to see that Melissa takes her earring game very seriously.
The judge's go-to look for her earrings is bold, eclectic, and colourful, but still affordable despite their grandeur.
To find and replicate Melissa's looks, here is a gallery of her most stand out and affordable earrings for you to welcome into your wardrobe.