MasterChef Australia’s Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan move to Channel Seven with new reality series

The boys are back... without George Calombaris.

By Tina Burke
Following on from Network 10's announcement that MasterChef Australia would boast a new line-up in 2020, Channel Seven has confirmed that former judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan will be joining the network with a new reality cooking show.
The duo appeared on MasterChef Australia, alongside George Calombaris, for 11 seasons from 2009. Now, they'll be back together on-screen for an exciting new reality series called Plate Of Origin.
Though, Matt and Gary will be 'replacing' George in their line-up with everyone's favourite French chef, Manu Feildel.
We must admit, we can't wait to see these three powerhouse judges on one cooking show.
Gary and Matt move to Channel Seven after 11 years on MasterChef.
The new international cooking competition will be "on a scale that Australia has never seen before" reaching the far corners of Australia, and also overseas.
As the show's name suggests, the series will showcase teams of diverse cultural backgrounds who are passionate about their unique cuisine. Described as the "Olympics of cooking" the teams will face off in the kitchen as they pit their different cuisines against one another.
We can't help but think of Persian duo Ibby and Romel fighting with Peruvian's Ruby and Andy on My Kitchen Rules earlier this year. Speaking of which, see the new My Kitchen Rules 2020 line-up over here.
Hopefully, though, the new series will maintain a similar wholesomeness to that of MasterChef. We're not used to seeing Matt and Gary in the middle of tense dinner parties!
Plate Of Origin starts in 2020.
Plate Of Origin will launch "with the power of the 2020 Olympic Games," which we can only assume means after they've wrapped up in August.

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