EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef’s Sarah Clare reveals what fans didn’t see of THAT hug between Laura Sharrad and Sarah Tiong

''Sarah was going to break down.''

By Maddison Hockey
MasterChef has once again proved why pressure tests are named as such.
In last night's insane elimination challenge Laura, Brendan, Simon, Tessa, Sarah T, Khanh and Sarah Clare were given two hours and 45 minutes and recreate guest chef Peter Gunn's Black Box.
The complex dessert was one of the most technical dishes we've seen in the competition so far, talk about pressure.
While some contestants powered through the intricate dish and its countless elements, both Sarah Tiong and Sarah Clare struggled with the first element – tempered chocolate.
Failing to catch back up with fellow contestants both Sarahs found themselves in the bottom two, and unfortunately for Sarah Clare, the Tasmanian chef was sent home.
Following her elimination, Now To Love chats to Sarah Clare about returning to the show, unwarranted criticism from fans and that hug between Laura and Sarah T that had viewers up in arms.
Sarah alongside guest judge, Gordon Ramsay. Image: Instagram
We're so sad to see you go! How were you feeling in that elimination pressure test and now?
It was such an intense cook. I mean starting it with a tempered white chocolate box, it was never going to be my strong suit, I took one look at that and just thought 'I feel like I'm going to be in trouble.'
It was not the most fun to watch back, but I don't really love watching myself on TV anyway. But, I'm back with my family, back in Tassie so I'm pretty happy.
Why did you want to return to the show?
I've always said since my season that if I could do it again, I would, and I had to put my money where my mouth was.
It was such a great experience the first time round and I was really intrigued to see what it would be like this time, you get these amazing experiences in MasterChef, things you can't buy. I'm really happy that I did come back.
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Sarah has become good friends with fellow contestant Jess. Image: Instagram
It seemed very close between you and Sarah Tiong, did you feel like you were going home?
I knew that it would be me. Sarah T is really hard on herself, she's an amazing cook and I said to her, 'It's okay, I hope it's me.'
I didn't want it to be her, to be honest. She's going to win it. She's going to go all the way. That's my prediction.
Fans get very worked up and involved with the show online, have you had much criticism?
I've actually found the opposite myself, but I think that's because I shut down any negativity, really fast - I don't allow it in any of my comments or on any of my pages. I'm not here for that.
If you're going to be aggressive and angry over a cooking show, then you might need to speak to someone because you're just watching people who love what they're doing.
Laura tried to comfort Sarah after a disastrous cook. Image: Channel Ten
The hug between Laura and an overwhelmed Sarah got fans fired up, do you think that was fair?
Laura is one of the kindest people. I think she could see that if she kept hugging Sarah, that Sarah was going to break down cause sometimes you know, when you're about to cry and someone's nice to you the flood gates open. I think there was a little bit lost in the edit there.
She does get a hard rap for her cooking and it's disappointing because to be honest, she has the most range. She is one of the kindest people and I would be honoured to work with her in the kitchen. I think she's really one to watch as well because when she finally stretches her legs, she's going to really, really blow everyone out of the water.

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