EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef's Poh Ling Yeow reveals the truth about her and Gordon Ramsay

The sharp-tongued British chef has taken a liking to the MasterChef star.

By Woman's Day team
MasterChef's blockbuster Back To Win season has only been on air for a week, but it hasn't stopped special guest judge Gordon Ramsay from picking a winner!
Last week, it was popular cook Poh Ling Yeow who caught Gordon's eye – even before she served up her Malaysian abacus beads dish.
But it wasn't just Gordon who felt the chemistry in the kitchen.
Fans flooded social media when 47-year-old Poh made some eyebrow-raising comments about the fiery UK chef!
"It's always been a dream of mine to be yelled at by Gordon at some point in my life," she laughed on the show's first episode.
Poh has caught the eye of MasterChef guest judge Gordon Ramsay. Image: Network Ten
And fans of the lovable cook – who married her husband Jonathan Bennett in 2014 – couldn't help but agree with her cheeky remark.
"Me too!" declared one confident fan.
"Poh wanting to be yelled at by Gordon is all of us, to be honest," wrote another, referring to the Scottish-born restaurant owner's fiery temper in the kitchen.
Fans didn't stop drawing conclusions there either. Some viewers were adamant the notoriously tough judge has a soft spot for Poh.
"Poh is the only safe one," pondered a fan, before Gordon, 53, excessively praised the artist.
"I'm gonna tell you something really important now. You're the favourite," he insisted.
A blushing Poh replied, "Oh, Gordon! You can't say that! Stop it! Stop it!"
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Gordon couldn't stop praising Poh and called her a favourite. Image: Network Ten
What's more, fans were quick to notice Poh's wedding ring was missing during some of the episodes, despite her fellow chefs sporting theirs in the kitchen.
But speaking to Woman's Day, Poh insists her relationship with Gordon is strictly business!
"No Gordon crush," says Poh.
"It's just professional admiration and the thought that even when you're getting yelled at by Gordon, you must be doing something right to be in the same room as him," she explains.
Poh's ex-husband Matt Phipps went on to marry her best friend. Image: Getty
Certainly, Poh's love-life has always been of interest. Over the years she has been open about her first husband marrying her best friend.
The celebrity cook married Matt Phipps in 1990 when they were practising Mormons.
But when they chose to get divorced after nine years, Matt went on to wed Poh's best friend of 20 years, Sarah Rich!
"He's my ex-husband. She's my best friend. And when we broke up, they got together and it's all dandy. It's actually really good!" Poh has previously said of the unique situation.

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