Is Masterchef judge Melissa Leong facing the chop?

Despite its huge ratings, the show is already in talks to change the judging line-up for next season.

By Woman's Day team
While ratings are strong, it seems MasterChef viewers are having a hard time adjusting their palate to the flashy new trio of judges – Andy Allen, Jock Zonfrillo and Melissa Leong.
It comes as insiders tell Woman's Day none of the three judges are guaranteed to last as long as their predecessors!
"In this climate, TV is way too volatile to have talent signing on for years and years," explains the source.
"It's possible Ten might shake things up again in future seasons to develop more and more intrigue... anything could happen!"
Fans have even gone as far as to suggest there will only be two judges returning in 2021.
"Reckon only 2 of the 3 might survive beyond this season," speculated one fan.
The judge has become one of the most divisive personalities on the hit show. Image: Channel 10
At the centre of the storm is Melbourne-based food writer Melissa, 38, who has cruelly been subject to criticism on social media.
"Melissa tries too hard… trying to make [up] for bagging the show in the past," wrote one viewer last week.
Certainly, Melissa's MasterChef appointment got off to a bumpy start when it was revealed she had previously slammed the long-running show, branding going on the series a "mistake".
"What happens when you go on MasterChef & then open a restaurant? Apparently not much. Back to second hand car sales then..." she wrote back in 2012, not long after telling a fan, "The biggest mistake an amateur chef can make is going on MasterChef."
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Melissa is a part of the new controversial lineup of judges, which also includes Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo. Channel 10/Instagram
And despite being a highly sought-after food consultant, viewers appear to have taken issue with Melissa's technical food knowledge.
One viewer was disappointed with Melissa when she praised a meal for its "degree of doneness", referring to the way in which the meat was cooked, while others suggested she sees only "harmony, passion and balance, all emotions but no flavour in food".
But Melissa's taking it in her stride.
"First and foremost, I take on this job knowing that I have the chops to do it well, otherwise I would not have been asked," she says.
The judge caused controversy over comments she made about the show in 2012, saying on Twitter "the biggest mistake an amateur chef can make is going on Masterchef". Instagram/fooderati

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