EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef’s Laura Sharrad: ‘Losing is not an option’

“Otherwise, why return?"

After missing out on winning MasterChef in 2014 win by a mere three points, a determined Laura Sharrad says she can take the title this time.
"I think I can," the 24-year-old tells TV WEEK. "Otherwise, why return? You come back to better yourself as a cook and finish in a better position than the first time. For me, that means winning."
Laura really is back to win. (Instagram)
Laura adds that the sacrifices she's made to participate also drive her desire to claim the crown – and the $250,000 prize money.
"Not only had I left my husband Max back at home in Adelaide, but our business too," Laura, who co-owns and runs pasta restaurant Nido Bar And Pasta with Max, says.
"Everyone's made sacrifices to be on the show, but I used that as fuel to push me in every cook."
Laura names Reynold, Poh and Callum as her biggest rivals.
"Reynold is just so intricate, detailed and precise," she says. "Callum is an all-rounder and a brilliant strategist, while Poh's good at everything! When she starts cooking pasta, I'm like, 'Damn you, Poh – stay out of my lane!'"
Laura with husband Max. (Instagram)
Laura's love of pasta has caused some online sniping – but she ignores the trolls.
"We've all got our specialities," he says with a shrug. "And I do own a pasta restaurant, so it would be weird if I didn't cook pasta on the show."
As for cooking at home, Laura dishes up "serving platters" when entertaining guests and is exploring Indian cooking too.
"I love to cook curry," she says.
"I'm crazy about baking too. My life is busy, but baking is my Zen."

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