EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef Laura slams claims she's been given an advantage with judge Jock Zonfrillo

''I have it harder because Jock knows my food very well.''

By TV Week team
She's the master of pasta, but hot contender Laura Sharrad has rejected claims she has another special advantage in the MasterChef Australia kitchen.
"Because I worked in Jock's [judge Jock Zonfrillo] restaurant Orana for two years, people think I'm a favourite," Laura, 24, tells TV WEEK.
"If anything, it's the opposite. I have it harder because Jock knows my food very well. Unless I plate up perfection, he makes it very well known."
While she admits the pressure to please her former boss can sometimes push her to perform "extremely well", Laura adds, "I do think it's a disadvantage, really."
Not that she's letting the trolls get her down.
Having her own fan club in husband Max has helped her shine.
"I met Max when I went into Orana for a job interview," Laura says.
"We started dating in early 2015."
MasterChef contestant Laura used to work for one of the show's judges, Jock Zonfrillo. Image: Channel 10
Laura and Jock sharing a high-five in the MasterChef kitchen. Image: Channel 10
So what did Jock make of the budding romance in his kitchen?
"We tried to keep it a secret," Laura says with a laugh.
"But that lasted five minutes. When you're all working so closely, you know each other's personal lives intimately."
The Adelaide-based couple married in October 2018.
Kids are on the menu soon too!
"We're still super-young, but the conversations about kids have started," Laura admits.
"I've always wanted a family and so has Max."
Laura is married to fellow chef Max Sharrad. Image: Instagram
Max and Laura on their wedding day. Image: Instagram
But first, Laura is aiming for the win on MasterChef.
"I'm very driven and passionate," she says.
"Leaving Max to film the show has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. He really inspires my cooking and I couldn't have done this without him."
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