The MasterChef family is growing! 2019 winner Larissa Dominello has announced she is expecting

She chose the cutest way to announce the news.

By Faye Couros
The MasterChef family has another bun in the oven just months after MasterChef: Back To Win winner Emelia Jackson gave birth to her first child in June.
This time the show's 2019 winner Larissa Dominello, 24, has announced she is expecting her first bundle of joy too.
The youngest person to ever win the Channel Ten series took to her Instagram to share with her fans the news – and it's the cutest reveal ever!
Larissa shared an image of her ultrasound pictures on her Instagram perched on a mason jar, on a table surrounded by baking equipment, flour, and a note for an old family recipe.

On the note, the chef wrote, "Old Family Recipe.
"Ingredients: 1. Cup of sweetness 2. Pinch of spice 3. Dash of innocence 4. Cups of nice 5. Heapings scoops of love from mum and dad.
"Directions: Mix all ingredients and form in a bun.
"Bake at 160'c for 9 months until done."
At the end of the note, she revealed her due date, "On April 11th, Dominello bun will be ready."
In the image's background, Larissa is being held by her husband, Luke Dominello, with two flour prints of hands on her apron.
In the caption of her post, she shared her glee for the future and the journey ahead of them.
"Mini Dominello due in April 2022 👶🏼💗 We are absolutely overjoyed and loving the journey already!" she wrote.
Larissa and Luke's baby is due in April 2022. Instagram
In Larissa's comment section, a slew of congratulatory posts quickly filled up her Instagram.
One fan wrote, "Congratulations🎊🎉👶🏼🍼🌸," and another commented, "AHHHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED."
Larissa married her childhood sweetheart in March 2021 after becoming engaged in 2019.
According to The Herald Sun, the chef met her flower importer for Belflora beau on a school bus, and even more romantically, they lived on the same street when they were growing up.
The couple wed at the St Benedict's Chapel in Arcadia, New South Wales, and Larissa spoke to the publication about the day.
The mum-to-be became the youngest MasterChef Australia winner in 2019. Ten
"This little chapel is nestled among our local bush land. It's where Luke's parents were married," she said.
"The Chapel felt very sacred on the day, as both parents walked me down the aisle with candles and flowers tracing our every step."
Speaking to TV WEEK shortly after her win, Larissa revealed how Luke popped the question, adding that she wasn't totally surprised.
"We'd made a reservation at Peter Gilmore's Quay restaurant. He picked me up beforehand and gave me a blindfold to put on and I was like, 'What is going on?!' He drove us to his house, got me out of the car and escorted me to his front porch and told me to take the blindfold off. All I saw were these lit up block letters saying 'Marry Me'," she recounted.
"He then went down on one knee and gave this amazing speech. Obviously I said yes, it was amazing. It was a very special moment, it was just between us two."

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