Original MasterChef judges zoom call leaked with news about new show

A leaked call between the ex MasterChef judges suggests that they might be cooking up a rival show

By Grace Goumas
George Calombaris shocked fans when he leaked his call with former MasterChef co-stars Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston, it has now gotten over 61K views.
Although the video talked more about Calombaris' "daggy" taste in deserts than the potential show.
Calombaris' caption is what sparked speculation stating "Some serious food talk for a very special project. But majority a lot of shots and giggles."
It has since come out that the culinary trio are teaming up for food events in India later this year with more dates and news to come.
The three judges at the 7th AACTA Awards in 2017. Getty
Calombaris, Mehigan and Preston were the first judges on MasterChef and were the faces of the show for a decade.
In 2019, just before the season 11 finale, Network 10 announced that the original judging trio would not be returning.
The original judges at the first MasterChef launch part for season 1 in 2013. Getty
Paul Anderson, the chief executive producer at the time, stated the decision was a result of the judges and network not being able to reach a commercial agreement "that was satisfactory" after months of negotiation.
The judges had allegedly demanded $1.5 million each for season 12, a 40 per cent pay rise from the last season.
In 2020, Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen were their replacements, although devastatingly Jock was found dead earlier this year leaving the cast, his family and fans mourning his loss.
The original judges haven't had the best success since the show, Preston appeared on Dancing With The Stars but abruptly pulled out after an ankle injury.
Preston and Mehigan have also tried to get back into cooking shows with the Plate of Origin in 2020 although fans didn't love the show and it didn't get greenlit for a second season.
And for Calombaris?
His company MaDE Establishment was under fire for underpaying staff a total of $7.8 million resulting in a fine of $200,000 from the Fair Work Ombudsman in 2019.
Calombaris is proud of how the situation was handled and annoyed at people for overlooking that they overpaid 49 per cent of their workforce at the time.
The celebrity chef George Calombaris leaving Downing Centre Local Court where he was charged with assault following an altercation at the A-League grand final in May 2017. Getty
Not exactly the best career moves after MasterChef, although they have had some successes post-show.
Our guess was that this cryptic message isn't just a cookbook collab but perhaps another show that could actually rival MasterChef or possibly something that can shake up the food TV industry.
Unfortunately, we were wrong but we are excited to see what these events could lead to.

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