Meet the hot MasterChef guest chef everyone is frothing over

We've Instagram-stalked him for you. You're welcome!

By Rebecca Sullivan
MasterChef is a show that's more famous for its feelgood moments and mouth-watering food, rather than gorgeous, drool-worthy stars, but that completely changed on Tuesday night.
Things got a little bit hot and heavy on the wholesome cooking show, when hot young chef Max Sharrad made a guest appearance, joining contestants Derek and Tessa in a tense cooking challenge.
The two budding chefs cooked off against Max, who works at Adelaide's acclaimed Orana restaurant and was also named Young Chef of the Year in the 2018 Appetite for Excellence Awards.
Max, who has worked overseas at some of the world's top restaurants, including Noma in Copenhagen, faced off against Derek and Tessa in an immunity pin challenge, with all three cooks tasked with creating a dish that showcased orange as the hero ingredient.
But food was the last thing on the minds of MasterChef's thirsty viewers, who couldn't help but comment on Max's undeniable good looks, with the handsome 27-year-old causing quite the stir on Twitter.
MasterChef mentor Poh alongside contestants Derek and Tessa, and guest chef Max Sharrad. (Image: @masterchefau/Instagram)
Max was quickly dubbed "the most beautiful human I have ever seen", with starry-eyes fans fangirling over the talented chef on social media.
But sadly, Max is spoken for. He's actually married to 24-year-old Laura Cassai, who was crowned runner-up in the 2014 season of MasterChef.
Laura, who comes from an Italian background, has written a cookbook called My Italian Kitchen and is an ambassador for San Remo pasta.
The cute couple actually met working in the kitchen at Orana and quickly developed a budding romance, before tying the knot last year.
"I knew from day one. I could just tell, it was love at first sight," Max told The Adelaide Advertiser.
"That is where the attraction first happened."
Max says working together in the kitchen is where the couple thrive.
"Now, working back with Laura again, I can trust her to do everything," Max revealed.
"She has strengths where I might not have them, like making those delicate little pasta shapes and the intricacies of pastry. My mind goes at a million miles an hour so I might not have the patience for that. Her strengths play to my weaknesses, and vice-versa."
The couple on their wedding day last year. (Image: @lauracassai18/Instagram)
The cute couple enjoying a cheeky vino! (Image: @sharrm_/Instagram)
But a little deep dive through Laura's Instagram account reveals that Max wasn't always the tall, buff hunk he is now!
We had a biggggg stalk and found these adorable pics of a baby-faced Max coupled up with his lady.
*(Image: @lauracassai18/Instagram)
*(Image: @lauracassai18/Instagram)
*(Image: @lauracassai18/Instagram)
(Image: @lauracassai18/Instagram)
(Image: @lauracassai18/Instagram)
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Laura and Max are clearly super loved up, with the new bride frequently posting adorable couple shots of herself and her husband to her 20,000 Instagram followers.
Speaking about Max's romantic proposal recently, Laura revealed exactly how the "picture perfect" moment went down.
"As soon as he pulled out the little box, I just started crying and blubbering ... I cried the whole time. It was simply beautiful, just perfect," Laura told The Adelaide Advertiser.
Max got down on one knee during a recent romantic holiday to Tuscany in Italy.
"It was a beautiful sunset that night, it all worked out ­really well. Though she didn't really say yes, she was just crying and nodding," Max revealed.
"But I'm stoked. She's the woman of my dreams."
Too cute!