EXCLUSIVE: The secret deal Masterchef tried to hide

The contestants are fighting it out for secret contracts.

By Woman's Day team
The MasterChef kitchen has been plagued with rumours of infighting, searing tensions and short tempers this season, and in the show's final weeks on air, it seems things are about to explode between its most competitive cooks!
Woman's Day hears the talented final contestants have been pitted against each other in a bid for lucrative TV offers, cookbook deals and future media jobs, and it's causing more than a little friction behind the scenes.
"It's not just been a case of trying to win the show, they're trying to scoop up deals left right and centre," a set insider tells Woman's Day.
"They're being thrown contracts for everything from homewares to books. Everyone's trying to cash in on the show's booming popularity," adds the insider.
"It's everyone for themselves when it comes to making it happen after the show."
It's every cook for themselves! (Image: Ten)
Certainly the returning 2020 cooks aren't strangers to building foodie empires, with the likes of Poh Ling Yeow, 47, and Hayden Quinn, 34, going on to land a string of TV jobs, book deals and endorsements since appearing on their original seasons.
But the show's popular 12th season has made certified celebrities out of returning cooks such as Khanh Ong, 27, Sarah Tiong, 28, and Laura Sharrad, 26, who are all rumoured to be in talks for their own cooking shows.
The contestants haven't shied away from their desire to take out the top spot.
"I left my husband Max back at home in Adelaide, and our business, too," Laura, who co-owns and runs pasta restaurant Nido Bar & Pasta, said of the sacrifices she's made to put her apron in the ring.
Khanh has proved to be one of the most popular cooks ever! Will he go on to land a spin off? (Image: Ten)
Interestingly, both Khanh and Sarah have made the most of their re-launched TV fame, releasing cookbooks this year.
Later this month, Khanh plans to release his new book, A Gay Guy's Guide To Life, Love & Food, while Sarah will release her book, Sweet, Savory, Spicy in August.
What's more, last week it was revealed dessert king, Reynold Poernomo, 26, has signed on to talent agency SF Management.
Helmed by Sharon Finnigan, Karl Stefanovic's former long-time manager, who was responsible for his return to Today, the agency is known for elevating the careers of TV's most sought-after talents.
The move has increased speculation that Reynold, who revealed he was hesitant about returning to the show this year, could be about to land himself his own TV series.
Last week, Poh told Woman's Day should she win, she'd use the prize money to "produce my own TV show", to add to her long list of projects following her time on the show in 2009.

MasterChef judge Jock's royal resemblance!

Fans have gone nuts, comparing Jock to Prince Frederick of Denmark. (mage: Getty/ Ten)
He's long played down the affection from fans who have branded Jock Zonfrillo a "sex symbol", thanks to his handsome looks and irresistible Scottish accent.
But it hasn't stopped viewers from comparing him to a certain handsome prince!
Flooding social media last week, fans compared the chef, 43, to Prince Frederik.
"Been trying to figure out who Jock reminds me of… anyone else see it? Prince Frederik of Denmark," offered one fan, while others were quick to agree - "Oh my gosh, he does too!"
Another added, "Wow! Very similar! Certainly the eyes, or that's what I see, there certainly is a resemblance!"

Reynold’s family secret

Reynold's brother is a Masterchef judge! (Image: MasterChef Indonesia)
Thanks to his eye for detail and superior skills, there appears to be no stopping Reynold from taking out the top spot in this year's competition.
But last week fans were shocked to discover that Reynold isn't the only MasterChef star in his family!
His older brother Arnold is a judge on MasterChef Indonesia.
The show is filmed in the country's capital, Jakarta, where Arnold has been a judge since 2013!
It's clear the Poernomos are something of a food family with Reynold, Arnold and their other brother Ronald co-owning the Sydney-based Koi dessert bars, which the Back To Win star started up after he first appeared on the show.

Jock can't stop eating!

The contestants reveal Jock is one hungry judge! (Image: Ten)
Viewers might assume the MasterChef judges avoid overeating on set, given they're faced with tasting a plethora of delicious food each day.
But last week the contestants revealed there's nothing that comes between Jock and his food!
"Jock sometimes eats a full lunch before a challenge and tastings… even with 24 people in the competition," revealed contestant Tessa Boersma, 27.
Meanwhile, Callum Hann, 30, added, "Jock is the biggest eater I've ever met, and I eat a lot! He'll have three helpings at lunch and then taste our dishes all afternoon."
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