Eliminated MasterChef star Callum Hann's wife posts a lovely photo tribute to "the best husband and father"

''Congratulations my love. I am so proud of you.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
When MasterChef's resident nice guy Callum Hann was sadly eliminated from the competition on Tuesday night, his wife Crystal Jagger and baby daughter Elle were the first people he thanked for their support during the tough months-long challenge.
"I'm really excited to get back to Adelaide," Callum said as he walked out of the MasterChef kitchen for the last time.
"My beautiful wife Crystal has sacrificed a lot for me to be here and I am so incredibly grateful for that, so just excited to get home and give them both a cuddle and be there as much as I possibly can."
The couple's young daughter is less than a year old, and with the bulk of filming on the show conducted earlier this year, Crystal would have been taking care of a newborn on her own for months on end.
But just hours after Callum's elimination episode was aired, Crystal took to Instagram to share a gorgeous new photo of her husband and their daughter, along with a beautiful tribute post dedicated to all of his hard work throughout the competition.
"Congratulations my love. I am so proud of you for making it all the way to top four! What an adventure it has been," Crystal wrote in her caption.
"You created so many beautiful dishes and Australia got to see your kindness, sense of humour and creativity. You are the best husband and father and we love you so much!!"
Crystal posted this cute photo of Callum and his daughter Elle following his elimination. Image: Instagram
She also thanked Channel 10's producers, as well as Callum's fellow cooks.
"And I just want to give a big shout out to the @masterchefau crew and contestants. Thank you for welcoming Elle and I in to the Masterchef family," Crystal said.
Callum came fourth MasterChef's Back To Win season. Image: Channel 10
Callum is now back at home in Adelaide, where he runs a cooking school and food business called Sprout.
As well as in-person and online classes, Sprout offers catering and health and nutritional advice for both individuals and corporate businesses.
And he's been reunited with his gorgeous baby daughter, who was born last October.
"Crystal and I are incredibly excited to become parents," Callum said following Elle's birth.
"Right now we are enjoying every precious moment. I'm a little biased, but I think she's pretty damn cute!"
What a cute little family! Image: Instagram
Callum and Crystal pictured with Elle just after she was born. Image: Instagram
Callum placed fourth in the MasterChef Back To Win season, with Reynold Poernomo, Emelia Jackson and Laura Sharrad the final three contestants who will battle it out on Sunday and Monday night for a chance to win $250,000 in prize money and the coveted MasterChef trophy.
MasterChef airs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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