MasterChef Australia 2018: Sashi Cheliah’s most memorable moments

Sashi was crowned the winner overnight!

With hard work, a positive attitude and a big smile, Sashi Cheliah was crowned winner of MasterChef Australia overnight. He's been a fan favourite since day one, and it's not hard to see why.
Sashi joined the Top 24 after serving the judges a remarkable Chicken Rendang.
After delivering a mouth-watering audition dish, Sashi was handed his MasterChef apron by his own son, in one unbelievably cute moment.
The South Australian Prison Officer has made a name for himself with dishes inspired from his culture, though he's also proven that he is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone to try creating something new.
His daring culinary decisions have led to some wonderful moments, and saw him make MasterChef history.
Sashi became the first ever MasterChef Australia contestant to earn two immunity pins.
The 39-year-old won his first immunity pin during a challenge against chef Gavin Hughes, when he made a duck and vegetables dish that impressed the judges. He later served up lamb with pea puree in another challenge, where he managed to score his second pin.
Sashi truly shone during Gordon Ramsay week, receiving high praise from the esteemed chef himself.
During the Mystery Box challenge, Sashi created roast lamb with beer battered cauliflower and reduction of lamb and beer.
Gordon told Sashi his dish was "delicious."
"That was worth travelling 17,000 kilometers for, let me tell you!" Gordon told an awe-struck Sashi. "It's got heart!"
Then, of course, one of Sashi's most memorable moments has to be his appearance in the 2018 Grand Finale.
In round one, which saw Ben Borsht and Sashi compete in a 90-minute challenge, he received near-perfect scores from the judges for his starter (sambal prawn with crispy prawn heads and herb salad) and main (fish curry with cumin rice).
With 57 out of 60, to Ben's 41 out of 60, Sashi entered in to the second round with a remarkable 16-point lead.
Facing off in round two, Ben and Sashi were tasked with recreating Chef Heston Blumenthal's 'counting sheep' dish in a mammoth challenge that took place over five and a half hours.
The dish comprised of 19 elements and 84 ingredients, and consisted of light malt meringue pillows with milk ice cream inside, to replicate the lightness you feel before you fall asleep. It was also made up of coconut ice-cream, steamed sponge, panna cotta, lychee gel, earl grey caramel, coriander yoghurt and yoghurt snow.
Both contestants knocked it out of the park in round two, each scoring 36 out of 40 for their dishes, meaning overall Ben scored 77 out of 100, to Sashi's 93 out of 100.
Sashi's impressive win is actually a record-breaker, with 93 out of 100 being the highest-ever score achieved in a MasterChef Australia grand finale.
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Congratulations to Sashi on his incredible win!

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