Will Billie McKay or Sarah Todd take home the MasterChef 2022 crown? Here is everything we know

''I’m feeling so lucky to be here.''

By Faye Couros
When MasterChef announced its Fans and Favourites series, some fans were sceptical about the new format.
But it proved it was a hit when the contestants, new and old, supported each other through gruelling challenges every week.
Ultimately, the final two belong to Favourites Billie McKay and Sarah Todd with both proving throughout the competition that they have become culinary masters since their respective seasons.
But before they go head-to-head, find out who is set to take home the cash prize of $250,000.
Billie and Sarah are MasterChef 2022's final two! (Image: Ten)
On Sportsbet, bookies have pegged former winner Billie to come out on top with 1.12 odds whilst Sarah is trailing behind on the betting site with 6.00 odds.
On Instagram, MasterChef followers have their eyes on Billie, too, but they also showed their support for the two women, and it appears both choices will make the fanbase happy.
One commenter wrote, "Billie all the way! She's a brilliant cook and seems totally lovely," and another shared, "That's gonna be a tough one. Both are incredible!!!!"
"Big congratulations to both @billie_mckay15 and @sarahtodd 👏👏👏. Girl power 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼," said another supporter.
Over on Twitter, Billie is the clear front runner to win the competition.
Underneath MasterChef Twitter's final two posts, a tweeter wrote, "Two amazingly talented women 🙌 🤍 Billie's quite composure and humble nature, is so inspiring. 🤍 She's it, for me. 🤍."
"Both my favourites Still have soft corner for Billie." (Image: Ten)
While another fan said that although they love both women, they have a clear winner in mind.
"Both my favourites Still have soft corner for Billie, the person she is. I had watched her win as a young Billie, will be fun to watch again. Sarah, her love for Indian cuisine, yum yum," they penned.
However, not everyone was Team Billie!
"Perhaps the more deserving candidate here is Sarah. She's excelled in savory n desserts. Though Billie nails her desserts she almost always misses the mark in her savory cooks. And to serve overcooked duck breast in the semi finals is an unpardonable sin! Get it together Billie," shared a Tweeter.
Both Billie and Sarah have celebrated reaching the final two with their signature grace.
Sarah posted a picture in her MasterChef apron and gushed in her caption, "What a day to remember!"
"Thankful for this experience. #MasterChefAU," she expressed.
Billie commemorated the milestone by posting a snap of her and Sarah with the caption, "Somebody pinch me.. I'm feeling so lucky to be here with @sarahtodd ready to go into the @masterchefau GF tonight. Suitably terrified though… I've been here before and I know it's going to be the hardest challenge yet.. but I'm ready to give it my all. Okay.. Grand Final here we go 😱."
In the lead-up to the finals, they spoke to TV WEEK about joining the show for a second round.
Sarah with her sweet family. (Image: Ten)
Billie was candid about the challenges she faced as a new mum.
"As a new mum and not really having a clear idea of what I wanted to do, I was really quite anxious about how to get where I wanted to be. Sleep deprivation and a small child will do that to you! MasterChef has given me so much, but most of all it's given me confidence. I will be forever grateful for that," she said.
Likewise, Sarah, who is a mum to 11-year-old Phoenix, wanted to show her son the power of determination.
She told TV WEEK, "It means a lot for me being a single mum and showing Phoenix that if you set your mind to something, with hard work and dedication, you can achieve it."
There is no doubt both contestants' families are proud of how far they've come – regardless of the outcome.

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