The pressure cooker is on! Meet the MasterChef: Fans and Favourites final five

Who will take out the MasterChef title?

By TV Week team
With just days left until the grand finale of MasterChef Australia 2022, we are down to our final five competitors.
With two fans and three returning favourites, anyone could win but before a winner is crowned, we chatted to the last five cooks standing.

Julie Goodwin

It was nerve wracking for season one winner Julie Goodwin to come back to the competition 13 years later. But as she stands amongst the top five, she's filled with pride.
"I'm amazed, humbled and incredibly grateful," Julie shares. "I wanted to have as much of this experience as I could, so still being here is everything I had hoped for."
Throughout the competition, Julie has consistently wowed the judges with her signature family-oriented meals proving that it's not always about the fancy techniques.
"To me, making it this far means that there's life in the old girl yet!" Julie laughs. "It means that there's still a place for family food, for big flavours and generous helpings."
Season one winner Julie is "amazed" she's made it this far. (Image: Ten)

Daniel Lamble

As one of two fans left in the competition, firefighter Daniel admits that he's still pinching himself.
"I still can't believe it," he says. "Walking into this season was very intimidating, the Favourites scared the hell out of me from the get go. Making it to the top five is the best feeling in the world.
For Daniel, being a part of MasterChef has changed his life forever, no matter what the outcome is.
"I feel like a different bloke," he states. "I have a new found confidence and I've learnt how to not be so hard on myself. Five years ago I wouldn't have been able to put myself out there like this. I had a lot of self-confidence issues growing up and this experience of diving into the deep end has helped immensely."
"Making it to the top five is the best feeling in the world." (Image: Ten)

Keyma Vasquez Montero

The show may not be over just yet, but the experience has already energized stay-at-home-mum Keyma to begin a new chapter: A career in food.
"I am so fired up and inspired that my mind is so full of ideas," she says excitedly.
"This experience has evoked a part of me that was probably dormant. It's been a call for me to give importance to my dreams, to let the inner Keyma be ambitious and follow my passions, to look after myself, and value myself like the person everyone is seeing now – confident, resilient and full of energy to take on the world."
Keyma is ready to kickstart her career in food. (Image: Ten)

Billie McKay

When season seven winner Billie McKay was asked to return to the MasterChef kitchen, she felt like it was kismet.
"I feel like the phone call to come back to MasterChef came at a perfect time for me," she says.
"As a new mum and not really having a clear idea of what I wanted to do, I was really quite anxious about how to get where I wanted to be. Sleep deprivation and a small child will do that to you! MasterChef has given me so much, but most of all it's given me confidence. I will be forever grateful for that."
"I feel like the phone call to come back to MasterChef came at a perfect time for me." (Image: Ten)

Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd isn't the same cook that she was when she came in 10th on season six of MasterChef.
This time around, she's delved into her Indian-inspired, French-technique focused style, blowing away the judges and her peers with her culinary prowess.
"My style has changed significantly since my first season and I'm happy to have that acknowledged," she says.
But for Sarah, the biggest win is being an inspiration for her son Phoenix, 11.
"It means a lot for me being a single mum and showing Phoenix that if you set your mind to something, with hard work and dedication you can achieve it."
Season six's Sarah wants to inspire her 11-year-old son. (Image: Ten)

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