Did these Instagram clues just let slip who the MasterChef 2020 final six are?

This goes without saying, but spoiler alert.

By Alex Lilly
MasterChef: Back To Win has been the feel-good show Australia needs whilst in lockdown, but did the contestants inadvertently reveal who made it to the final six?
The show is still filming in Melbourne, but the six rumoured finalists shared a little too much on social media at the end of April with footage of themselves self-isolating in the Victoria capital.
Is Poh one of this year's finalists? (Image: Network Ten)
Seeing as those eliminated are sent straight home in keeping with the coronavirus restrictions, the fact that these six are all together in Melbourne further supports this theory.
The super-sleuths at Daily Mail Australia report that the final six contestants appear to be fan favourites Poh Ling Yeow, Reynold Poernomo, Brendan Pang, Reece Hignell, Laura Sharrad and Emelia Jackson.
Reynold, Laura and Emelia all shared snaps of the same outdoor barbecue at different angles while Brendan and Reece appeared to enjoy a meal together in their hotel room. Meanwhile, Laura shared photos of Poh making her a flan and later tucking into the sweet treat. Interesting...
Reece, Emelia and Brendan attending the MasterChef launch party earlier this year. (Image: Instagram @reecehignell)
As of May 7th, Sportsbet have named dessert maestro Reynold Poenomo as the most likely to win with odds at 1.60
Close behind is pasta afficionado Laura Sharrad at 3.50 with Poh Ling Yeow in third place at 5.50, however fans have accused judge Jock Zonfrillo of favouritism towards his former pastry chef Laura.
However, both Jock and Laura, who worked at Jock's restaurant Orana shortly after her first stint on MasterChef have slammed claims that she's getting special treatment.
"If anything, Laura will be at a disadvantage carrying the weight of cooking for her mentor," he told the Daily Telegraph.
WATCH BELOW: MasterChef's Laura Sharrad is back to win. Post continues after video...
Reynold may be the one to watch, but MasterChef fans have noticed that the 26-year-old contestant is often judged harsher than his competitors.
"Beautiful Reynold. Looked great. The judges are just harder on you than anyone," one fan wrote on Twitter in reference to his shiitake mushroom ice cream dish.
"I honestly can not stand how the judges praise Laura every episode! She's a great cook, but she needs to learn variety in her cooking and not just play it easy all the time by cooking pasta! Even Reynold, the dessert king, mixes it up and not only makes desserts," said another.
One fan even noted: "Funny that the judges think they can criticise Reynold when he is clearly better than all of them."
Reynold is tipped to win, according to the bookies. (Image: Network Ten)

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