Loki makes MasterChef Australia history by going home while still in possession of an immunity pin

'I really wanted to stand by them.'

By Maddison Hockey
MasterChef history was made in tonight's elimination episode. But not for good reason.
We knew the contestants were in for a tough cook the second Matt Abe walked through those big black doors. If a pressure test from a chef with 3 Michelin stars didn't have them quivering in the aprons, what would?
It was Loki Madireddi who had us clinging to our couch cushions most however, when he decided to forgo using his immunity pin to partake in the challenge.
"It was a team challenge [that landed him in elimination]" Loki, 34, tells TV WEEK.
"I really wanted to stand by them."

Despite his good intentions towards his teammates, Loki's decision to participate ended in elimination. Making the stay at home dad the first MasterChef Australia contestant in history to go home with their immunity pin.As devastating as it was, Loki says he stands by his decision.
"I definitely do not regret not using the pin. I'm so proud of myself," he explains.
"It's not about winning MasterChef, it's about who you become."
The pressure test to recreate Matt Abe's roast chicken with summer vegetables and consommé of green herbs saw Loki come undone.
"It didn't start out well," Loki recounts. "The cook was about portioning and measuring."
Aspects of cooking Loki admits aren't his strengths.
"That's where the pressure got me," he says. "You make a mistake, that mistake takes a toll on your thinking and it all just falls apart"

That immunity pin now serves as a reminder of the amazing experience Loki had while on MasterChef.
"Every time I doubt myself that pin will be my reminder that I can do anything in this world if I put my heart to it."

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