MasterChef Australia's Curtis Stone on surviving 'dark days' as a young chef

'It was brutally challenging.'

By Kietley Isrin
Earlier this year, TV WEEK sat down with chef Colin Fassnidge, who bravely spoke about the subject of depression in the hospitality industry.
Now, Curtis Stone is weighing in on the issue. The 42-year-old, who will appear on MasterChef Australia this week, says he too went through dark days.
"I remember being a young apprentice, earning very little and doing extremely repetitive tasks," he tells TV WEEK. "It does wear you down.
"It [being in the industry] is a tough job. While it can have glamour around it, physically it can be brutally challenging."
Despite this, Curtis persevered.
"You wonder what it's all for," he says. "But you realise the initial menial jobs come in handy later."
Curtis is now the King of the kitchen.
This week, Curtis will light up our screens as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia.
"The contestants are so positive," he says of this season. "They have real ability and humility. It's nice to see."
While MasterChef fans would love to see Curtis more often, it's unlikely.
"I don't live in Australia, and they [the show] shoot for a long time. I get the best of both worlds now. I get to be a part of the MasterChef family, but also the extended family. I'm the uncle who pops in and everyone's happy to see."
Curtis with MasterChef Australia contestants in 2013.
We couldn't let Curtis go without asking him to share a story of a kitchen disaster.
"I've cut myself quite badly a few times and have been rushed to the hospital once or twice," he admits. "Oh, and I once nearly burnt down a restaurant. Is that disastrous enough for you?"
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