Brendan Pang spills on his exciting return to MasterChef Australia

'Second chances don't come often.'

By Thomas Mitchell
He was eliminated from MasterChef after an undercooked steak proved to be a costly mis-steak.
But now Brendan Pang has returned to the competition, after being handed a second chance.
"I was just over the moon when I got told I was going to get another shot," Brendan, 24, tells TV WEEK.
"I just knew I would take it with both hands. I felt I had a lot more to show after being eliminated, so going back into it (the competition) I felt like I had a point to prove to the judges and Australia as well."
During his time off from the show, Brendan worked in kitchens across Perth, but believes being away from the MasterChef pressure cooker put him at a distinct disadvantage.
"I think it is a disadvantage," he explains.
"I did do work experience at some great kitchens [after my exit], but cooking in the MasterChef kitchen is so different. Outside you get more time, the pressure isn't there, there's no judges looking over your shoulder, so you can't recreate that environment."
Despite being a fan favourite and popular with his fellow competitors, Brendan is realistic about how his return to the competition might be viewed.
"I'm quite close with everyone so I think they'd be happy to see me, but at same time it's a competition and it does put you a step back when someone returns," he concedes.
"I think everyone will feel a little anxious about it, I might be target."
Having already been eliminated once, Brendan returns to the show convinced the only way is up.
"I've already seen it all," the Perth hopeful, who also survived a nasty hand injury during his first stint on the show, laughs.
"I'm trying not to take it too seriously going in back in but at same time I know second chances don't come often so I need fight and cook my best."
Seems like Brendan is a man on a MasterChef mission.

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