Adam Liaw's grandmother dies

The beloved TV personality shared a truly poignant tribute to the woman that shaped his family.

By Chloe Lal
Adam Liaw has taken to Instagram to pay tribute to his grandmother Kwei-Eng Chew, following her passing.
The 39-year-old uploaded a photo of his family's matriarch, sharing how she changed not only his life, but the fortune of his family.
"My grandma has passed away," the former lawyer told his fans.

"If you know me or my family, or even if you just follow me on here, you probably understand how much she meant to us all. She was widowed in her 20s and as a washerwoman and single mother to three boys taught herself half a dozen languages, and worked herself to the bone to get them an education."
The reality TV alum continued, " She single-handedly dragged our family out of hundreds of years of poverty. When I was young she'd spend hours on the bus crossing town just to come to sit with me for 20 minutes or so after sport or school."
Adam, who is known for his rational thinking, got very honest with his well-wishers about his family's circumstance.

"We are sad of course, but honestly when I think about it there's nothing more I wish I could have done with her. We knew she wouldn't live forever. I took her great-grandkids back to Adelaide to see her just last week and had a lovely day driving down the coast."
Thinking about his relationship with her, Adam continued, "A while back I bought her an iPad, filled it with family photos and taught her how to use it, so over the past few years her great grandkids in the US, Brazil and Sydney have FaceTime'd with her nearly every night."
The proud dad to Christopher, four, and Anna, two, concluded, "She kept her spirit, intelligence and sense of humour to the end. She was a wonderful woman and we're very grateful to have had her in our lives. ❤️"

Many friends, loved ones and well wishers were quick to share their condolences.
One person observed, "She lived a fulfilled life. Be consoled."
Former Masterchef alum Poh Ling Yeow said, "So sorry to hear this Ads. Beautiful words."
While his SBS colleague Maeve O'Meara penned, "Extraordinary determination Adam that lives on in you. What a life she lived and love the she crossed townto be with you."
Before telling her dear friend, " Deepest sympathy to you and your family."
Adam has allowed his family and his heritage to shine in his work from his cooking, cook books and his shows Destination Flavour on SBS.