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Married At First Sight reunion: Everything they had to cut from TV

From tears on our bikini photoshoot to punch up’s behind the scenes!

By NW team

It wasn't just Married At First Sight bosses bringing the gang back together for one last showdown.

Amid the drama of reunion week, NW had the girls swing by for a bikini shoot, and while it may have been smiles on set, behind the scenes it took only seconds for the waterworks to begin and the claws to come out.

The girls reunited for NW's super sexy bikini shoot
The girls reunited for NW's super sexy bikini shoot

"You've come so far," Davina Rankin comforted a teary Alycia Galbraith – whose body insecurities got the better of her.

However, Tracey Jewel wasn't feeling the love, with the girls isolating her from the fun.

As for Ashley Irvin and Carly Bowyer, who are caught in a love triangle with Troy Delmege?

Let's just say they're far from friends...

It wasn't happy smiles behind-the-scenes
It wasn't happy smiles behind-the-scenes

Yep so it's no big surprise that our insider tells us bosses were so scared the fights would turn physical, that actually split them all up and had them in separate hotels scattered around Sydney while filming the finale.

"There had been threats of violence between the boys with all the wife-swapping that happened," NW's insider says.

"Some of the cast were gunning so hard for a punch-up that production had to intervene by pleading with one groom over text to take it easy when he was reunited with everyone. The amount of security on set was massively increased."

Which makes sense, with Nasser telling NW he'd "break Dean's leg" while discussing his "disrespect of women".

Whereas the blokes may have been thinking with their firsts, viewers watched Tracey finally get her sweet revenge on cheating husband Dean on Sunday by dumping him during their vow renewal.

The only problem with this?

She actually wrote her final speech weeks ago and had been stringing him along for a loooong time to ensure she got maximum airtime for her big moment.


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