Married At First Sight

It's over! Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin finally break-up

RIP, Trashley! You will be missed.

By Bella Brennan
They were the dysfunctioning-functioning couple on Married At First Sight but on last night's episode Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin mutually decided to call time on their arranged marriage.
In an emotionally-charged episode, Troy conceded that although Ash was a great person she was "not the woman I've been searching for."
"Ashley, I said 'I love you' on several occasions because I thought I did. But now I realise it was me wanting to believe we had something more than we did. I truly wanted us to work and I gave this relationship everything I had."
"But unfortunately it wasn't enough to win your heart over. You are not the woman I've been searching for and I know that somewhere out there is a woman who will realise my value and love me for all that I am."
The feelings were mutual for the flight attendant, who confessed to not loving who she became when she was with Troy.
"You've made me feel loved, looked after and you've made me laugh...I have had my struggles throughout the experiment,'" Ashe explained.
"They say you should learn to love yourself before you can love others and unfortunately I don't always love the person I am when I'm with you."
"I'm so sorry I couldn't be the perfect match for you," the 28-year-old said.
End of the line! The pair both decided to call it quits.
Proving there were no hard feelings, the pair shared a warm embrace as Troy told Ash: "I'll miss you!"
"I feel so bad. I don't know why? You dumped me too... it's super sad," Ash said.
"I don't feel bad," Troy laughed.
"It's so sad that I came to find my husband, my soul mate, the love of my live... And I still leave single. It's really sad," she added.
Debriefing on their split, Troy told The Fix: "I was very relieved that she said leave too, because I never wanted to hurt her, and we could leave on an amicable note."
"It's so sad that I came to find my husband, my soul mate, the love of my live... And I still leave single," a shattered Ash said.
The IT manager also admits there were red flags throughout the experiment and he ended up seeing the blonde bombshell as a sister figure.
"I thought the final date may have been just what was needed," he tells us. "It went incredibly well, and at the end of the day I was very hopeful. But quite quickly the enjoyment of the day faded for Ash, and I realised this probably wouldn't ever work.
"The question box then reinforced my concerns, and I saw Ash as more of a sister that I cared for."
Meanwhile Ash took to Instagram to thank Troy for the wild ride.
"I can definitely say I have learnt a lot along the way, especially about myself. I don't have a bad thing to say about Troy, I wish we could have made it work, but you just can't force things," she penned.
"I want to say a massive Thank you for all the support I have received, it has literally held me together over these last few weeks! As for me, unfortunately I didn't meet the man of my dreams, but at least I put myself out there and hopefully I will meet my soulmate soon!"