Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells are expecting a baby

Married At First Sight's most controversial couple drop a baby bombshell.

Most new brides would have run for the hills by now if they'd been paired with groom Dean Wells, but Married At First Sight's Tracey Jewel has surprisingly stood by her hubby's side through all their, er, bumps in the road.
And it's all starting to make sense why after Sydneysiders spotted Trace sported a noticeably rounder tum recently!
Yep, the couple will be rapping a MAFS baby to sleep in the near future, with news they're starting a family of their own!

During an emotional interview with NW, Tracey, who already has eight-year-old daughter Grace from her first marriage, reveals that it's this desire for another child that kept her committed to both the experiment and Dean through all his downfalls.
"I loved being pregnant the first time and I can't wait to experience it again," Trace reveals exclusively. "I definitely want another child, but two might be pushing it at my age."
And creative director Dean, 39, is over the moon, adding that he has no plans of stopping at just one skater girl or boy with Tracey.
"I'd love to have a family and I'd like two or three kids. I grew up in a family of three and we all had a great time," he gushes of his long-term family plans.
Despite all the drama and hate surrounding their relationship – following Dean's remarks about wife-swapping after he'd already stepped out of his on-screen marriage to explore his feelings with former castmate Davina Rankin – Tracey remains confident he's ready for the next step.
"Dean is such a wild card I reckon he'd be a fun dad one minute and super strict the next," she smiles, adding that together they'd make a great team. "I was a lot younger when I had Grace and now I have so much more life experience and I feel much more ready [for another]."
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However, Tracey was never going to make Dean a babydaddy until she was 100 per cent certain he'd fit into her daughter Grace's life. And Trace reveals to NW that she introduced the two off camera while filming her homestay in Perth.
"I didn't want Grace to be a part of the show, but I wanted her to know what I was doing and share this with her," Trace gushes. "They really bonded."
And Dean agrees, saying of his time with Grace, "We talked about skateboarding, her mum's dress sense and all kinds of fun stuff. She's such a character."

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