Married At First Sight

MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tracey Jewel's ex Patrick Kedemos breaks his silence on their split... And why he called the police

The truth behind why police were called on Tracey’s holiday from hell!

Tracey Jewel says her now ex-boyfriend left her stranded on a holiday gone wrong in Berlin...
But in a Woman's Day exclusive the MAFS star's former flame says otherwise.
Patrick Kedemos claims he called the police on his own accord and Tracey pressured him into buying her flight home.
The couple started off in a happy place...

Patrick Kedemos says

"As soon as the trip started, the cracks began to show and Tracey would ignore me," the Perth businessman tells Woman's Day.
"She was always on her phone, would go to bed early, or demand to read her book instead of engaging as a couple. She was never emotionally available."
"We would argue a lot, as I struggled to understand what was going on. Unfortunately with Tracey, if you don't agree with her a heated argument will follow.""I felt she was very emotional, and decided to send her mum Jenny a message to explain I was putting her on a plane home. We just weren't getting along."

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Patrick tells Woman's Day he felt he had no option but to contact the police himself.
"In Berlin, we were in separate rooms. Because the arguing between us had become heated, I called the police to show them there was no anger and aggression from my side. They came to the hotel, formed the view that there was no wrongdoing on anyone's part, wrote a report and left without speaking to Tracey."
"By then, she was pressuring me to buy her a flight home. All she had to do was change her ticket!"
In happier times...
As for money, Patrick claims he gave her $20,000 because Tracey said she was "broke" and he felt sorry for her.
"In the end, I transferred another $2,000 just to get rid of her," he says.
"It's still surreal to think she's thrown me under the bus. It's a huge relief to be rid of her".
"It's a relief to be rid of her!"

Tracey Jewel says

Tracey Jewel claims she was left stranded, penniless and alone in Berlin during what was supposed to be a romantic five-week European holiday.
After a string of arguments, Tracey says she was forced to turn to German police as she desperately pleaded for her ex to pay for the cost of changing her flight home.
Tracey says: "The fighting got so bad that 
I broke down!"
"Four days into the holiday Patrick told me he wasn't happy in the relationship and was upset he'd been dragged into the spotlight," Tracey tells Woman's Day.
"But instead of working through it together, he made me his worst enemy. We would just fight, or he would just completely ignore me.""On the cruise I was shaking because I was so upset. I just wanted to go home, but I was stuck because I had no money."
"When we were in Berlin, the fighting got so bad that I broke down. I was done arguing with him and told the hotel the situation. Because of their duty of care, they called the police, and I filed a report with them the next morning.""After loads of arguing, he finally paid for my flight home."
Tracey claims her finances are tied up in her recently released book and other business, but Patrick had assured her everything would be taken care of financially on the holiday.
She now believes Patrick – who she admits had also given her $20,000 for a business loan – used his money to his advantage.
"He put me in a position where I was financially reliant on him and that just led to arguments," she says.
Tracey tearfully adds, "I refuse to let this break me. I just need some time on my own now".

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