Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Tracey Jewel betrayed again by Dean Wells on Married At First Sight

After taking him back, the single mum is dealt another blow by her TV groom.

When Dean Wells begged 
his TV bride Tracey Jewel for forgiveness after his brief dalliance with "manslayer" Davina Rankin, she believed he was committed 
to repairing their fractured "marriage" and dedicated to getting it back on track.
But the gorgeous marketing consultant should have known better!
"Dean said he wanted to demonstrate his renewed commitment to Tracey and announced he was going out to buy a new wedding ring for his finger, to replace the one she'd given him that didn't fit," reveals a set insider.
"But instead of spending any of his own money, he just went home and polished up the ring his ex-wife gave him when they were married," our source adds with disdain.
Tracey and Davina both want the same man.
Dodgy! Dean re-gifted his TV bride is ex-wife's ring.
"Tracey had no idea his 
new, perfectly fitting ring was actually a recycled relic from 
a past relationship!"
According to our source, Tracey, 34, was shattered when another contestant revealed Dean's latest low blow.
WATCH: Davina and Tracey meet for the first time. Post continues...
The mother-of-one was shattered over the revelations.
According to friends of the controversial picky groom, 
his former wife lives in the US and has no idea Dean, 40, is on Married At First Sight.
"I wonder what she'd have to say about 'ring-gate,' " adds the insider.
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