Married At First Sight

She doesn't look like this anymore! Selina Chhaur undergoes a stunning post-MAFS transformation

She's a professional hairdresser for a reason!

By Alana Mazzoni
It's no secret that Married At First Sight stars love a post-show beauty transformation.
Whether it's a set of veneers, a new hair colour or even some plastic surgery - MAFS alums often go on to recreate themselves after appearing on the show.
And it seems Selina Chhaur is the first season nine star to undergo a makeover.
Before and after! Selina died her hair a stunning chocolate brown. (Image: Instagram)
On Thursday night, the already-stunning former bride took to Instagram to show off her new locks!
While on the show, Selina was a balayage blonde, but has since died her hair a beautiful dark chocolate brown.
The professional hairdresser posted a TikTok video with the voiceover: "It's really not that bad, it just needs a little shaping. To the salon!"
Selina then revealed her brand new darker hair, which featured subtle highlights and soft, tousled curls.
While on the show, Selina rocked a balayage blonde 'do. (Image: Nine)
Selina's former co-stars couldn't get enough of her transformation, with Ella Ding commenting: "Ahhh yes queen love it so much."
Brent Vitiello remarked: "We miss you Sel!!!" while his former "wife" Tamara Djordjevic responded: "I LOVE ITTTTTT 😍😍😍".
Season nine "villain" Olivia Frazer showed she's remained friendly with Selina by commenting: "You look gorgeous as always 💖"
Selina emerged as a fan favourite during her ill-fated romance with Cody Bromley while on MAFS.
During their final vows, the hot-and-cold couple shocked viewers by deciding to stay together on the outside world.
However, Selina was brutally dumped by Cody following the reunion dinner party.
While chatting with the experts the following night, Cody revealed he had asked Selina to move from Adelaide to Sydney while their relationship was in the "best spot" - but then backflipped.
Selina was brutally dumped by Cody Bromley after the reunion dinner party. (Image: Nine)
"Last night it got to the point where Selina was [trying to hold my hand] but to me that felt very forced and it was just a realisation that it's for the best," he said.
"She needs someone who can show her [affection] and I can't."
Selina then tearfully admitted that she had fallen in love with Cody, saying: "I just feel silly. I thought this was love or heading towards that direction."
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