Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Roza and Telv Williams admit they felt "pressured" to stay together

The couple spill on their week from hell.

By OK! team
We've fallen in love with Married at First Sight couple Sarah Roza and Telv Williams.
But after this week's on-air woes and multiple public scandals blowing up, it's safe to say their relationship is hanging on by a thread.
The pair spoke candidly with OK!, revealing how they're trying to salvage their romance in light of recent events.
"You've got to work through your differences in order to grow as a couple," says 33-year-old Telv.
"Even when times are tough."

Sarah, 39, admits the pressure of being a fan favourite couple has taken its toll.
"The public are obsessed with our relationship [which has] added pressure… You don't want to disappoint the fans, but at the same time, you can't be fake. You have to be honest about how you're feeling," she says.
"There's a lot of pressure to stay together and every tiny gesture, comment or sideways look is read into and dissected into a million pieces."

Telv adds that comments from his former partner Amy haven't helped.
"I'll always have love and respect for the mother of my two children," he says.
"Her words are her words and I wish her all the happiness in the world. I just hope one day she could wish the same for me."

Understandably, Sarah is feeling bruised by a difficult week, which has included the exposure of an email reportedly from Telv saying he'd cut all ties with her (he denies he sent it) – as well as pictures of him allegedly snorting a white powder off a stripper's body.
Sarah has also defended their argument, saying it had been edited – and insisting it was not just about Snapchat.
She's also been spotted liking fan comments offering support to her as a single lady.
Sarah's insty comment had fans intrigued.
"It's all been very difficult. Telv hasn't validated my feelings with any sort of care factor and that is a bitter pill to swallow considering all we've been through," Sarah explains.
"I'm severely disappointed and hurt by it, as I feel we were on track to fall in love. We haven't been in our normal living environments for weeks and I've felt like he's not in the present with me."
Here's hoping our favourite lovebirds can get their groove back!
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