Married At First Sight

MAFS' Ryan Gallagher opens up about his rocky romance with Davina Rankin

'She made me feel tiny.'

By Thomas Mitchell
After learning of Davina and Dean's dalliance on Married At First Sight, Ryan – Davina's original "husband" – admits the revelation was the final straw for their relationship.
Hinting that it's all over between the pair, Ryan doesn't hold back in telling TV WEEK what he thinks of Davina after how she's behaved.

"If we bumped into each other down the track, I'd say hello and be civil, but that's it," the 29-year-old says.
It would come as little surprise if the troubled couple were to split.
This week, the pair must deal with the fallout from the explosive commitment ceremony. During the ceremony, creative director Dean changed his mind at the last minute and chose Tracey over Davina.
"After Dean shut her down, she [Davina] came to me for someone to lean on," Ryan tells.
"I was the only one who had stuck up for her. She had no-one else to turn to.
"I was still nice to her – why, I don't know."

While Ryan might have comforted her in her moment of distress, he realised his days with Davina were numbered.
"There weren't any words shared after that," he says.
"I got my own cab home. I didn't want to talk to her."
Ryan says the hurt of Davina rejecting him affected him for some time afterwards.
"I felt like an idiot," he admits. "It made me feel tiny. I started to second-guess myself and wonder if it was all my fault.
"I know now it's not, but it undermines your confidence."

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