Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: The proof Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel are still a couple!

The MAFS couple is spotted reuniting in Sydney and spending the night together

By Lucy Manly
As their marital woes play out on screen Married At First Sight's Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel are currently on a publicity tour in Sydney and sources close to the onscreen couple reveal the pair can't get enough of each other!
"Tracey was seen hailing a cab in the wee hours of the morning outside Dean's Manly home," spills an insider. "She was trying to sneak out unnoticed but we know what's going on,"
With their flirty and touchy-feely exchanges with one another friends are convinced they're an item again.
While we may have originally thought that this was just a rumour, Dean, 40, and Tracey, 34, appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O with the host's picking up on their obvious connection.

"We think they're still together," said Kyle after the couple left the studio. "They were too friendly… There was still spark there,"
Co-host Jackie O acknowledged that the pair couldn't outright confirm or deny if they're still together, but this didn't stop her from making her own mind up.
"They were too lovey," she said, "From watching you being here in studio you're touching each other and you seem very affectionate towards one another,"
There's no denying the pair have had evident sexual chemistry from the moment they met on their wedding day but things are said to have escalated since the pair have spent one on one time in Sydney over the past few days.
Despite rumours Tracey is set to see out the series with Dean and return with Sean Thompsen sources claim that was all a bid to make Dean jealous.
"She wanted to punish Dean for his 'affair' with Davina but she couldn't fight her attraction to Dean any longer!"

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