Married At First Sight

The funniest Twitter reactions to the Married At First Sight 2019 Premiere

“Thank God they put the Trish in a white lab coat - I now have full faith in the science behind this process”

By Tina Burke
Well, the premiere episode of Married At First Sight kicked off last night and - up to the usual standard - it was wild.
The love experts might have actually pulled off a perfect match for once, with participants Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant already smitten with each other.
Another strong match was seen with Nic and Cyrell, whose wedding was threatened by her protective older brother. Though the ceremony and reception were rocky, the connection between the two seemed strong.
But for all the flying sparks and romantic moments, there were ten times that many uncomfortable and downright hilarious scenes. Thankfully, Twitter was here to navigate us through the premiere.
See all the funniest Tweets from the first episode of MAFS below...

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