Married At First Sight

Is Married At First Sight’s Troy Delmege an actor?

He’s a producer’s dream come true – but is Troy Delmege hiding something?

No one could believe their eyes when quirky IT accounts manager Troy bowled onto their screens on Married At First Sight.
And now fans are questioning whether he's all he seems.
So much so, there are rumours the wacky Sydneysider could be a paid actor!
Troy, 34, first raised eyebrows when he hit on Ashley's mum on his wedding day.
Fans were left scratching their heads when he was filmed aggressively brushing his teeth on his wedding day, before leaving his TV bride Ashley, 28, dumbfounded – and alone on the roadside – when he got a sudden urge to do push-ups!
Eyebrows were raised yet again when he grabbed his wife's face and violently tried to make out with her.
WATCH: Troy denies being an actor. Post continues...
Fans were convinced he couldn't possibly behave like that in real life, with one viewer commenting on Twitter, "Surely Troy is an actor. There is no other explanation for his behaviour."
Another insisted, "This Troy fella is trying way too hard and over-acting. Trying to get him a career after the show! No one is that weird."
Is Troy's on-screen persona too entertaining to be true?
Many fans are questioning whether the quirky "IT worker" could be an actor.
When Troy was quizzed by Talking Married host Jayne Azzopardi if he was being his authentic self and not putting on an act, Troy insisted his demeanour on the show was genuine.
"Is this the real you? You're not putting anything on for the cameras?" Jayne asked.
"No, absolutely not! It's me from start to finish, as you will find out as the show progresses," the 34-year-old explained.
But the Sydney local insists he's the real deal.

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