Married At First Sight

Did Married At First Sight's Troy just hint that he's getting back together with this co-star?

But is it Carly or Ashley?

With this year's Married At First Sight final vows fast approaching, it made us think back to last year's season when Troy Delmege and his bride Ashley Irvin called it quits.
Soon afterwards at the reunion dinner party, our jaws collectively dropped when it was revealed that Troy and Carly Bowyer stepped out as a couple.
But now the Sydney-based reality star has hinted that a romantic reunion may be on the cards with one of his MAFS ladies.
During Wednesday night's episode of Talking Married, the former MAFS groom dropped some sneaky clues that he and his bride Ashley could be giving their relationship a second chance. Maybe the experts got it right after all!
"We've hung out a few times and stuff… we're getting along like a house on fire," he confessed to the hosts.
Troy also highlighted that there was a lot of pressure inside the show and that since hanging out, he's learned to appreciate certain things that he didn't back when they were in the throes of the experiment.
"I don't want to get too far ahead of the bandwagon... I would definitely like to be dating Ash. She's looking stunning, more stunning every day. As I venture into later thirties, she's looking better every single day."
"I wish I could say it was [official], but we'll see what plays out."
"I would definitely like to be dating Ash." (Image: Instagram @troydelmege)
Troy and Ashley have certainly been popping up on each other's Instagram accounts lately.
In fact Troy, who is running in the upcoming federal election as an Independent candidate, seems to have a number one fan in Ashley. In a recent Instagram snap, the blonde bombshell shared a picture of herself and Troy with the caption, "I'm not really into politics, but I mean if Trump can do it 🤷‍♀️😂🙌 #voteforpedro #teamtrashley #firstlady."
Troy shared a similar post of the two of them that showed him pointing at Ashley's hat with #TeamTrAshley emblazoned on it.
"Glad she still likes to wear it all the time 💕🙌 #teamtrashley," he captioned it.
Next stop Canberra! (Image: Instagram @troydelmege)
This potential romantic reunion comes seven months after Carly and Troy called it quits after a nine-month, PDA-packed relationship.
The two ended things on good terms and it seems they're still friends, as Troy shared a snap of the two enjoying a catch-up lunch in October, two months after their break up.
WATCH: Troy says Carly popped his cherry. Post continues...
NW previously reported that after MAFS wrapped filming in March 2018, Sydney-based Troy made the move to Melbourne to be with marketing manager Carly, but the couple struggled with the big change.
"Carly is going crazy having Troy around 24/7 and can't see the relationship lasting much longer," an insider exclusively revealed to NW at the time.
"He's been out of work for eight weeks now and just spends all day, every day, messaging her while she's in the office."