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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Tamara has FORGIVEN Dan after flirty reunion

Just when you thought it was all over Tam and Dan might be back on...

By NW team
After she discovered Married at First Sight's love rat Dan Webb had been cheating on her with Jessika Power, it would be safe to assume Tamara Joy was well and truly done with him.
At the time, Tamara even told NW that she had "dodged a bullet. He's definitely not the type of person I would want to date or even hang out with".
So we almost choked on our chocolate biscuits when we heard the pair had been spotted together doing exactly that - catching up with the newly single Queensland bloke, 35, for a flirty lunch in her hometown of Melbourne!
So, what's the goss? Well, Tam, 30, tells NW: "He reached out to me via text and it was obvious he cared."
"I don't have time for negativity, so I let bygones be bygones. I respect that he apologised, so we met up."
Understandably, Dan's ex Jess was a hot topic of conversation.
"He wanted me to know they're not together – he really wanted to get his point across," recalls Tam.
Tamara is ready to level with Dan. (Image: Instagram / @Tamara_joy)
And while she acknowledges they live in different states, the admin worker won't rule out a romantic reunion with Dan, adding: "I really liked him. He's still really good-looking."
"I won't forget that he cheated on me on national TV, but I have forgiven him."
Well that was unexpected, especially when you consider the reactions both she and Jessika's "husband" Mick had after learning of their affair!
Watch the moment in the player below! Story continues after video...
As for Jess, Tam is still shook at her love rival's $25K extreme surgical makeover, which the 26-year-old revealed in all its glory to NW earlier this month in a jaw-dropping tell-all.
Indeed the blonde reality TV star has admitted she's had a brow lift, botox and filler, as well as replacing her pearly whites with 10 porcelain teeth.
And we can't forget those trademark lips, which she gets done regularly.
"I will always keep them big. All of my boyfriends have loved them – including Dan, who said he liked my lips but I shouldn't go any bigger," she said.
Jess hasn't been shy of tweaking her appearance! (Image: Instagram / @jessika_power)
As for Tamara, she only has one thing to say.
"Babe, just go to the gym," she advises.
"Do some squats – you'll be fine."
Now that's a burn that's sure to hurt more than all those lip fillers!
Tamara gets sassy when it comes to Jess! (Image: Channel Nine)

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