Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight's Tamara Joy's new boyfriend has been revealed and he's HOT

Ciao, Duccio!

By Anita Lyons
Tamara Joy has been seriously living her best life in Bali and last week, she debuted what seemed to be a new lover, on Instagram.
Cutting his head out of the frame, fans were left wondering - who on earth is Tam dating?
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But now, the secret is out and he's very, very, attractive.
According to the Daily Mail, Tamara's new love is Instagram model Duccio Calamai.
In her original post, Tam wrote: "The eyes chico, they never lie", which had fans questioning the status of their relationship.
After legions of fans commented on the post asking who he was, Duccio commented with "two heart-eye emojis" to which Tam responded with a purple devil.
And you guys, this is what dreams are made of!
Tamara hid Duccio in plain sight. (Source: Instagram/Tamara__Joy)
Duccio appears to live (the high life) in Bali, and has a penchant for wearing next to nothing.
In fact, like Tamara did in a post last week, he also likes to pose in the nude in waterfalls - which begs the question. Did he take that now infamous snap?
So with this, behold some very lovely snaps of Duccio - in all of his glory. And you're welcome.
Duccio in bed without a shirt. (Source: Instagram/ducciocalamai)
Duccio's back. You're welcome. (Source: Instagram/ducciocalamai)
Ciao, Duccio! (Source: Instagram/ducciocalamai)
Duccio at a waterfall. (Source: Instagram/ducciocalamai)
Taking to Instagram on Monday, the 29-year-old shared a very risque photo of herself wearing, well, precisely nothing.
"☀️😝🌴 #notnaked," she captioned the racy post, followed by a series of hashtags: "#bali #lovetheskinyourein #islandgirl #canggu #indonesia #islandgirl #seminyak #cheekyselfie #embraceyourbody #positivevibes #balivibes #poollife"
In case you skipped over the hashtags, Tamara's message was clear. Embrace your body and love the skin you're in.
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While she was trying to promote body positivity, many of her fans took to the comments section to post their thoughts on the controversial post.
"Stupid post," one fan wrote. "I'm not a prude but I thought you were smarter than that. Disappointed ☹️"
While another commented: "I don't think you need to go to that exstream to get attention you have natural but with have to do that [sic]."
While these comments were absolutely BRUTAL - she was also applauded for her courage and for owning her incredible physique.
"If I had that body I'd be putting it out there all the time and so would the people criticising you. You look amazing," one person wrote.
"A beautiful photograph of a beautiful soul shining through. F- - the haters xxxx ♥️♥️♥️" another said.
"You are a beautiful young lady Tamara and doing your own thing which is great but I honestly would like to think that this type of photo stop here. I do respect you have the right but wanted to give my thoughts. You are so inspirational .🙂"

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